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Append a subtitle, on page-edit to page-title (Admin)


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I'm looking for a way to append a title beside the headline of a page which is beeing edit.
It's about ease of use, at first glance.

To figure out, first I tried  something like that:
(file "_content-head.php" of  AdminThemeUikit  (just Testing and remove));

if($headline !== '' && !$adminTheme->isModal) {
# Test-Line: get current page-id (edit) 
$p = $this->pages->get($this->input->get->id);
# Test-Line: check (type=text) page_field isn't empty

$appendix = !$p->page_field == '' ? "($p->page_field)" : '';
echo "<h1 id='pw-content-title' class='uk-margin-remove-top'>$headline . " ($appendix)</h1>";

Then, I tried a Hook, but it alters the page->title and this doesnt fit my need here.

wire()->addHookAfter('Pages::saveReady', function($event) {
    $page = $event->arguments('page');
    if ($page->template != 'my_template') return;
    $page->title = "\$page->title|\$headline - " . $page->page_field->title;
    $event->return = $page;

I read about:  Process::headline(), but can't figure out.

Does Someone has an Suggestion, how I can extend/append the existing title (page edit) with tiny Text, just render?


Thanks in Advance




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The method you are looking for is headline

You could hook ProcessPageEdit:execute in a file like site/ready.php like described here.

Adapt the template name in the following code to your needs:

$wire->addHookAfter('ProcessPageEdit::execute', function (HookEvent $event) {
  $pageEdit = $event->object;
  $page = $pageEdit->getPage();
  if ($page->template != 'shop') {
    return; // return early
  $this->wire('processHeadline', 'My new headline');
// or modify the existing headline
//  $headline = $this->wire('processHeadline');
//  $this->wire('processHeadline', $headline . " - " . date('d.m.Y', $page->created));

For easier finding and helping others in the future, I made a support post out of this: 



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Hello @dotnetic, it fits exactly. 🙂

It's what I was looking for, just great, thank you very much for that!

I found this post in the morning: How to remove breadcrumbs, modify headline? and would most probably have failed on it ..

It feels good while you grow with a project and learn a lot of basic things and have the support of the great processwire- community.
And thats motivating too.

This is not a given, so thank you all!

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