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Not able to fetch form field labels


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Hi Team
I am trying to fetch the label of form fields with this api function.

$form = $forms->get('shop-payment-stripe');
        $fieldDefinitions = $form->fields;

If I try to print $fieldDefinitions it shows empty.
Also, if I print $form variable it is surely returning ProcessWire\FormBuilderForm Object.
Any suggestions how to get the form field labels. (Field names are surely accessible from form)

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Thanks Alot @BitPoet. It surely worked.
One more question I have all my form data in an array. I just want to submit my $form and let it do all its functionality that I have assigned in backend with just API.
I have saved its entries with 

$forms->saveEntry( $stripeBillDataArr,$form);

The entries saving part is surely working fine but the form is not sending mail as it was configured to send mail to admin from the backend panel.
I have tried many different functions as well but nothing is working for me.
Any suggestions?


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