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  1. Where is the "mark as solution" button that the email I just received is talking about? 😁
  2. Check in your template > Advanced tab > List of fields to display in the admin Page List
  3. Hello, I'm using the W3C validator to check my pages and find that Textarea CKEditor outputs line breaks as <br /> instead of <br>. Is there a way to make it HTML5 compliant? I used no text formatter and checked Markup/HTML content type. EDIT : Same issue with InputfieldForm, <input /> should be <input> Thanks.
  4. Thank you for your answers @bernhard and @Jan Romero . The ProFields Table looks like a good solution. 👍 So I can use PageReference fields for users, cars and tracks, and display the standings in each hotlap page (same for races and other events). Also I prefer to use PW solutions instead of developing my own modules. I already used PW for some projects, but never at this scale, I'm quite excited to start development but I'm also a bit blind about how to do this or that. 🙂
  5. Hello, I'm planning to use Processwire for a sim-racing project where we will create events like championships, races and hotlaps. I'm wondering how to manage results and standings for each event. You can see here an example of a hotlap standings : https://online.racingfr.net/hotlaps/assetto.corsa/roc.2022.bmw.e30.dtm.hotlap/okayama/hotlap-2192.html Standings need to be editable, for example to add penalty points to a player result. Usually, without using a CMS, I would create a table "hotlaps" with columns [hotlapID, username, trackID, carID, globalTime, sector1Time, sector2Time, ..., optimalTime] and all of our hotlap results would go in this table. Then I can make SQL queries to find times for a particular hotlapID, track, car... In Processwire I don't know what is the best choice. We will have a single PW page for each hotlap, race or championship. I first thought to create a child page per event result with a template "hotlap_result" corresponding to a single row (a single player result), but we will end with more than 200 000 result pages after years, this is not optimal from an ergonomics point of view in PW admin. And we also have standings for races and championships, so I need a good overall solution. I see that ProFields Table would make the trick, but will it create a separate database table for each hotlap page? That could be an issue cause actually we have 2000 hotlaps, to add to future hotlaps in next years. I hope I'm clear, thank you for your advice. 🙂
  6. Yes yes I know. ? Main question is: is it safe to use LoginRegister module today ? (sorry to post this here but I didn't find this module topic)
  7. I was afraid to read this. ? I use a CMS to avoid having to develop things like this, I just want to focus on my site content, coding a login/register module is reinventing the wheel, this has be done thousands of time by developers with a better knowledge than me in security.
  8. Hello, Some months ago I've created a PW site using LoginRegister module. Today if I search "register" in PW free modules shop I just find FrontendUser, so I assume this is the "new" officially supported login module, but then I read here that it's not maintained anymore. I'm kind of confused, is there still an officially supported and free module to register/login in PW ? Is LoginRegister still good in term of security ? (last commit 5 years ago) I like PW a lot for its simplicity, but I'm afraid that a CMS without an official register/login module is kind of dying, and that I should find another CMS for my next site. Am I missing something ? Thanks for any help.
  9. It looks like there's a compatibility issue between modules TemplateEngineFactory and TemplateEngineTwig in current PW master and dev versions. I use the "Add Module From Directory" form: * With TemplateEngineFactory and it installs version 1.1.3 (no update available) * With TemplateEngineTwig, it chooses version 1.1.0 and reports a compatibility issue: So I can't install it. I'll try to install it from the sources but I did want to report that issue.
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