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Template Access Log is a straightforward module that logs changes made to template level access settings: the useRoles option, or applicable roles and/or role-specific permissions. This module is primarily intended for use cases where an audit log is needed, and (at least for now) it just logs data to a log file template_access_log.txt and provides no admin view (apart from what can be found from the logs section in admin).

Data is logged as JSON:

2023-03-18 18:42:05     admin       https://example.com/processwire/setup/template/save   {"template":"basic-page","template_id":29,"use_roles":1,"permissions":{"view":[37,1061,1062,1125],"edit":[1062],"add":[1061,1062],"create":[]},"permissions_changed":{"edit":[-1061]}}

This is something that I needed for some projects, so thought I'd share it here in case someone else has use for it as well. I may add more features later, but at the moment it's already doing pretty much everything it needs to for my use case(s) 🙂

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