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Updating ProFields: Table


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Hi, all!

I "inherited" a rather old processwire project and managed to upgrade the ProcessWire core version and nearly all installed modules to recent versions. Only the installed pro module ProFields: Table can't be upgraded via the module manager of ProcessWire.

The module ProFields: Table  must have been purchased by my clients at some point in time (no billing or license information is avalaible to me) and is still in use. Currently version 0.1.3 of ProFields: Table is installed.

My problem is, that I upgraded the related module Table CSV Import / Export that depends on ProFields: Table. This depending module (now using vesion 2.0.16) apparently is not compatible with ProFields: Table v.0.1.3 .

The concrete problem is that when using the csv import feature of the module Table CSV Import / Export, it uses some kind of Hook or public api of ProFields: Table that did not exists in v0.1.3.
In detail it's a call to 

      $tabelRows->new(...); // file TableCsvImportExport.module.php, line 512

I fully expect this problem to disappear as soon as I upgrade ProFields: Table to its current version.

So in short: How do I upgrade ProFields: Table?

Thanks in advance,


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3 hours ago, wumbo said:

So in short: How do I upgrade ProFields: Table?

Renew the Profields licence (Store -> Manage Purchases, it costs $39) with the account that bought the licence at the time, and then go to the Profields Board and download the new version 😉 

If there is no possibility to renew, you have to contact ryan, he will unlock it.

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