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Images field, making description required


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Does anyone know if it's possible to configure the images field to require description text? A fallback would be to write an onsubmit handler in javascript for the admin - but if it's possible to enforce at the configuration level, that seems like a much cleaner solution.

EDIT: the core image field is already in heavy use. If possible, I'd like to modify existing instances rather than create a custom field.

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Well, you can do various things. When I do galleries or slide shows I sometimes like complicated overlays. So I might have a couple of text fields (one for image title and one for some text) and maybe a secondary image or using the image thumbnail module so that I can create a small, cropped thumbnail to use as a detail image.

And then I wrap that whole lot up in a repeater field

You can get too complicated of course .... :)

Oh, and don't forget you can set whether a field is required or not on a template-to-template basis.

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