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Headless ProcessWire - How Do You Do It?


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On 3/6/2022 at 4:25 PM, Sebi said:

I just released a new extension module AppApiPage (waits for approval), which handles the initial steps from my post above completely automatic.

I hope that this makes it even simpler to add a full-blown JSON api to new and existing pages.

This is amazing. This might finally get me started with APIs in the comfort of my favorite CMS/CMF.

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@wbmnfktr thanks for starting this topic, very interesting! After reading all replies I think I get your point.
 I mostly develop with Django (Python) where DRF gives a powerful standardized API centered around models.
Still, as you said, while working with other systems I always miss processwire for it's flexibility ;)

From what I understood other systems include a REST API out of the box (more or less) where processwire "forces you to write some lines of codes"
… and I guess that is the strength of processwire. It does not force you into a one fits all solution.  

My two cents:
For an upcoming project I tested different solutions. 
With AppApi indeed I got resonable results in not 2 but 15 minutes. With JWT included, nice! (thanks @Sebi)

For smaller needs URL hooks …
for bigger needs –without auth– PageQueryBoss …
–with auth– appAPI,
is my way to go.

But yes +1 for a core integrated solution that publishs pages based on standards .
Doing so it would even be easy to get a clear, understandable and standardized API Documentation.


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