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[SOLVED] Padloper cant get to shoping card


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Hello so i am unable to get to cart/checkout menu , not sure how you even set it up, in the guide it just happend with no setup so what i got it is that i press submit after selecting product, and then it said that item is out of stock even tho i have 50 quantiny in the page, so i enabled negative stock so i could test this out and its weird

after submit with negative stock i enabled i get this in the url


but nothing in the page changes ? where is the next step, next step in the official website is payment modules

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If you want stock management double check your PadCart module settings. Allow Negative Stock needs to be unchecked and pad_quantity needs to be selected in the Quantity Field dropdown and added to your product and / or product variation templates.

The cart page can be any page you want, the basic example would be create a "cart" template and then create a "Cart" page using that template.

Follow step 4 here for rendering cart https://www.padloper.pw/documentation/installing-padloper/ and see this https://www.padloper.pw/documentation/making-it-ajax/ for more info around the cart.

Hope that helps.


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