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Selector String: Find Parent Pages under "Selectable Pages" for the Page


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I want to add a dependent SELECT field on my template page that lists pages from a parent "sub-page" in the current parent node.

On /product1/page I have the field "photo" which is a SELECT field.
I want the SELECT to list pages from /ROOTPARENT/photos.
The idea is that I can reuse the same photo in many places - but only need to keep it update it once under /product1/photos.

My page structure looks like so:

  • /product1/page
  • /product1/photos/photo3 (template=photos)
  • /product2/photos/photo9

I have tried adding these Selector Strings on the Field (Setup -> Fields -> PHOTO -> Input tab -> Selectable Pages field group -> Selector String):

  • parent=/product1/page, template=photos, sort=name
    • WORKS (but only on children of current product).
  • parent=page.rootParent ... parent=$page.rootParent ... parent=$page.rootParent
  • parent=$parent ... parent=$parent1
    • When using a SELECT Input Field Type, the editing pages gives the fatal error "Unrecognized operator: $".
  • parent=parent ... parent=.
    • Returns an empty list

How might I find child pages from the current "/product1/photos/ page"?

Your inputs are appreciated. Thanks.

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