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Images resized to 0x0px for non - superusers


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Hi everyone, 

currently im developing a photographer portfolio-website.

Since i deployed it to a live server the API creates a 0x0 version of the each image, which are then correctly downloaded by the browser. 

(Instead of the appropriate image, specified in the CSS)

However, this only happens for guests and other Users (non-superusers).

Oddly, this only happens on the homepage. On all other pages, the Images are loaded correctly. I already checked the permissions in processwire and on the server. Afaik they are all correct, allthough i am not the biggest expert in that regard.

Any help / ideas are highly appreciated ?


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@wbmnfktr sure, here is the code.

<?php $items = page()->repeater_home_gallery; ?>
<?php foreach ($items as $i):   
	$ratio = $i->gallery_ratio->title;
    		switch ($ratio) {
             case "portrait":
                $w_l = 494;
                $h_l = 618;
              case "quad":
                $w_l = 494;
                $h_l = 494;
              case "normal":
                $w_l = 494;
                $h_l = 330;
    $image = $i->image_single->size($w_l, $h_l)->url;
 <img class="uk-width" src="<?= $image ?>"  >
<?php endforeach; ?>

What grinds my gears is that it works on localhost.. 

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Ah. Finally got it!!

It was indeed a permission. Stupid me removed the permission to view the "gallery-ratio" field on the live system..

Damn, this took me hours to find out.. but anyways.

Have an nice weekend ?

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