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  1. yep, took me about three hours from tracing to solution.. i thought an IDE like phpstorm would be at least sophisticated enough to inform me about these little suckers.. ? Lesson learned anyways. Nice weekend to everyone!
  2. @flydev thanks. i reopend all files with Sublimetext 3.. found nothing. Then i begun to open all files with VSC.. and there i finally found �������� behind the <html> tag. I have no clue how they ended up there nor what funky encoding they are, but deleting them finally solved my problem.
  3. Hey all, i do, most probably have a problem with file encoding and / or BOM. My <head> content is getting moved into <body> and i can inspect a couple of &#65279; ( ZERO WIDTH NO-BREAK SPACE) chars with dev tools. I checked all template files with phpstorm, they are all in utf-8 w/o BOM. The current installation is based on a profile i exported from another project where i had not such problems. However, in the new project i did change the default language to german and installed english as the second language. Might there be any conflicts with the language support modules? Hints, tips or solutions are highly appreciated ?
  4. Ah. Finally got it!! It was indeed a permission. Stupid me removed the permission to view the "gallery-ratio" field on the live system.. Damn, this took me hours to find out.. but anyways. Have an nice weekend ?
  5. @wbmnfktr sure, here is the code. <?php $items = page()->repeater_home_gallery; ?> <?php foreach ($items as $i): $ratio = $i->gallery_ratio->title; switch ($ratio) { case "portrait": $w_l = 494; $h_l = 618; break; case "quad": $w_l = 494; $h_l = 494; break; case "normal": $w_l = 494; $h_l = 330; break; } $image = $i->image_single->size($w_l, $h_l)->url; ?> <img class="uk-width" src="<?= $image ?>" > <?php endforeach; ?> What grinds my gears is that it works on localhost..
  6. Hi everyone, currently im developing a photographer portfolio-website. Since i deployed it to a live server the API creates a 0x0 version of the each image, which are then correctly downloaded by the browser. (Instead of the appropriate image, specified in the CSS) However, this only happens for guests and other Users (non-superusers). Oddly, this only happens on the homepage. On all other pages, the Images are loaded correctly. I already checked the permissions in processwire and on the server. Afaik they are all correct, allthough i am not the biggest expert in that regard. Any help / ideas are highly appreciated ?
  7. This looks very nice @Noel Boss, is there a way to support repeater fields? EDIT: Sorry for my silly question, found it in your docs. This works for me: $query = ['repeater' => function($page){ return array_column($page->get('repeater')->each(['key', 'body']), 'body', 'key');
  8. Happy to announce that i just gave birth to another Processwire Website. ? This one has an event calendar, which was easy to build with Processwire. bridgesmusikverbindet.de
  9. I am happy to present you the first processwire powered page i made for a client. Some more in the pipeline, but on hold because of missing content on the client side Big thanks to this helpful and great community!! https://feuerwehr-gimbsheim.de/ my own site webgestaltung.net is online for a while already, but not holding much content yet.
  10. I switched to ampps and now its working. But im still interested why installation fails with MAMP Thanks
  11. Hello, since yesterday i am not able to make any new PW installs. The Installer stops where it should delete unused files etc.. MAMP with PHP 7.1.12 I switched on Test Mode: warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /Users/**/**/**/**/wire/modules/AdminTheme/AdminThemeUikit/install-head.inc:8) in /Users/**/**/**/**/index.php on line 41 Can anyone help? Thanks EDIT: using wireshell i am able to make fresh installs.
  12. Thank you. ill give your strategy explained above combined with asmSelect a shot
  13. Thanks for your Input. The duties are "free-form" i.E i have no idea what kind of Duties, and Ranks are going to be set later.
  14. Hello, after working with PW for a while, im still unsure sometimes, how to structure certain Data. In this case it is a List of Members. Each Member consists of his name and a list of his duties. In the template file i need separate access to the name and the duties I was thinking about a Repeater Matrix with one textfield for the Membername, and a textarea with newline to UL for the duties? What do you suggest how to structure the Data in the PW template ? Is there a better way? Tips and suggestions more then welcome. Thanks
  15. Ok, i feel really stupid now.. i had a typo while trying to use the absolute path before... ($config->path->templates) Thanks for your help.
  16. Hello, i am trying to integrate a manfiest file into my PW page. But it seems like file_get_contents is disabled somehow. <?php $manifest_path = 'path/to/manifest.json'; $hashes = json_decode(file_get_contents($manifest_path), TRUE); $css_hash = $hashes['main.css']; var_dump($css_hashe); // works only outside of of processwire. ?> whats the correct way to include a file like this into PW? Thanks for your help.
  17. I ended up using a custom request header. Thanks for the link @szabesz Again, thanks to processwire i learned a lot new important stuff about web development in general.
  18. Hello everyone, how can i detect if i am coming from the home page of my site. I am trying to make my page ajax driven. The problem is, that the homepage has a different header then all other pages. So in addition to $config->ajax i need to check if the previous page was the home page. Otherwise i am ending up with the wrong header on all other sites. Thank you and have a nice weekend.
  19. lecrackffm

    jQuery help

    @SamC I would consider myself a beginner in JS as well. There is always more to learn. Here is another resource, which helped me a lot to understand the core concepts of JS. Disclaimer: These are only the first 3.5 Hours. The full video is only available through a paid online Service.
  20. As i understood it is like a support ticket area, for questions regarding pro Modules. Which lives beside the Pro Forums. It is monitored at least by @ryan
  21. lecrackffm

    jQuery help

    Here are two resources i found quite useful leaving jQuery behind.. https://plainjs.com/ http://youmightnotneedjquery.com/ Have a nice weekend.
  22. I figured it out: While using Axios.post() one has to set the Header explicitly to: 'X-Requested-With': 'XMLHttpRequest' Just in case someone is facing the same Problem in the future: axios.post('/pathTo/script/', yourData, {headers: {'X-Requested-With': 'XMLHttpRequest'}}) Have a nice weekend.
  23. @Robin SSorry, that was a typo. Of course i meant if($config->ajax) {} Which is not working in my case. It looks like somehow, the form submit is not beeing recognized as a Ajax request? I am using the axios library in this case, but this should not make a difference, right?
  24. Thanks for your looking over my code @thor. What i was looking for is securing the site by using if($input->post->action == 'send'){} but it seems not to work with when data is send via Ajax? i also tried using if($input->ajax) {} but this is not working either. I always end up in the else condition if i post the data. I am pretty sure there is, as always, a pretty simple solution to my problem ??
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