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Breadcrumbs in backend doesn't link to parent page

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This is quite weird... I just noticed today that when I edit a page, the last breadcrumb item doesn't link to the page's parent, but to the main /page view.

It shows the correct title though. The link is correct for all the parent pages further up. Just the immediate parent page breadcrumb link doesn't get added the usual /page/?open=123.

Admittedly, I have been tinkering about with several site settings today (mainly users/roles/permissions - but I was always logged in as superuser, so that hardly could interfere with this issue), so I'm afraid some of those changes might have broken some stuff.

Does anyone else see the same behavior?

ProcessWire: 3.0.125
PHP: 7.2.14
Webserver: Apache/2.4
MySQL: 10.1.35-MariaDB
Admin Theme: UIKit

Are there hooks where you can change admin-breadcrumbs behavior like that?

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Now it gets even weirder: On some pages I see a /page/?open=123 link, but no matter which level up I click, I always get to the main page.

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Ok, not related to PHP version and already happening on 3.0.62 (missing open on last breadcrumb).

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I have noticed this for awhile now. I guess I just always assumed that it "opens" the page tree for what you clicked on:

- Parent Page (id:1)
	-- Sub Page (id:2 - has 4 children)
	-- Sub Page (id:3)
		--- Sub Sub Page (id: 5 - currently open)
	-- Sub Page (id:4)

If you were on the "Sub Sub" page of id 3 and clicked on the Sub page with id of 2, it would "open up the tree on id 2 and collapse the rest of the tree. Well, that has been how it has been for me.

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