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  1. Sounds like the session variables do not survive, maybe cookies disabled?
  2. Just in case I am not the only one trying to use this great (thanks @owzim!) module inside a repeater with dynamic (AJAX) load of items, it indeed works using the "current" (Oct 2017) dev version along with a tiny fix in ace-extended.js: The issue is, that acefy is invoked multiple times for the same inputfield, which finally seems to trash the JS engine. Just add two lines of code right before $textarea.each (in acefy): : //Fix: Avoid duplicate and recursive invocation of acefy if($textarea.hasClass(ACE_INITIALIZED_CLASS)) return; $textarea.addClass(ACE_INITIALIZED_CLASS); // Mark wrapper as initialized //FixEnd $textarea.each(function() { : and add an appropriate initialization for ACE_INITIALIZED_CLASS at the head of the module: ACE_INITIALIZED_CLASS = 'AceInitialized'
  3. @Marcel_MIf you PM me that (zipped) logfile I may have a look. Cause should be found there.
  4. At least in my setups I prefer to see the same content, regardless if I come from the international domain (i.e. www.domain.com/pagename) or use the language sub-path (www.domain.de/en/pagename). Sure you could, with this setup its just not necessary.
  5. Since get_magic_quotes_gpc returns FALSE from PHP 5.4, the installer line $value = get_magic_quotes_gpc() ? stripslashes($_POST[$field]) : $_POST[$field]; safely could be replaced with $value = $_POST[$field]; (assuming you are not installing on a legacy platform)
  6. @GhostRider, what's wrong with the 'Custom excluded files and paths' box? To exclude a path simply enter it without a file pattern like: /site/assets/pwpw/ /vendorOrAnyCustomDirectoryAtThisLevel/ To exclude the ProCache stuff using a regular expression should do: %/ProCache-[^/]+$% # Ignore ProCache directory To exclude image variants you may try this: %\.\d+x\d+\.[^/]+$% # Ignore variants created by PW
  7. That's a quite short time, timeout should be 120 resp. 600 seconds from what I see in the code. The backup is effectively performed using a regular WireDatabaseBackup. Could this be a security issue with cron running from a different user? Sorry, no real idea.
  8. strange, the link should lead you to the last post on page 14, which contains the update. Not sure why it points to the first page. Tricked myself, the up arrow links to the correct post. Duplicator-ATO1.3.13.zip
  9. @adrian, if you use the duplicator.module 1.3.13 from this post, it should remove those issues: No idea regarding the mysql issues, I don't have that large databases.
  10. FTP (and any cron related stuff) failed due to the false error seen in the log (introduced with the new package format).
  11. Sorry, I somehow missed the FTP part since already the package build seems to fail. And there should be the name of the zipfile in the "package build failed, <ZipNameExpectedHere> doesn't exist" message. Seems to be a Windows system, guess there could be an issue with the backslash path separator. Edit: The attached version 1.3.13 fixes the (false) package build error, supports custom package name and allows prefixing local path with ~/ to refer to webroot. Duplicator-ATO1.3.13.zip
  12. ~ syntax is not implemented yet. What absolute path did you use? Should equal whatever is stored in $config->paths->root to be located inside your webroot.
  13. @dragan: are you working on a shared server or do you indeed have a /public_html directory right at filesystem's root? "absolute path" relates to filesystem not webroot, so you are free to locate the backup destination somewhere else. It probably would be a good idea to support the regular home prefix, so path may be entered relative to webroot (something like "~/backup-folder"), at the moment you have to prefix the path with the location of your webroot.
  14. Not sure if you refer to my experimental tweak to get a read-only demo view for the RepeaterFlex in admin: https://pwflex.team-tofahrn.de/?preview=PG132107923 There only was a miniature "discussion" in closed RepeaterMatrix section:
  15. A more complex approach would be a new fieldtype which allow to browse and select through the SmugMug API. Edit: just found this, which may help to go that way: http://phpsmug.com/
  16. Sure. Of course the backtrace only helps if you see a function get called (maybe unexpected or with bad parameters) and want know where this call originates from. This, for sure, is not a history log and not an alternative to the proposed hook log.
  17. At least it would tell you, from where your hook was called. For example, if its a pageSave hook, you'll see who is actually invoking $page->save. In this case you probably had seen, that the hook was invoked twice from the same originator. If that was a technical question, you'll either do this, to get a preformatted trace of the stack (not sure why I needed DEBUG_BACKTRACE_IGNORE_ARGS in my quick test): ob_start(); debug_print_backtrace(DEBUG_BACKTRACE_IGNORE_ARGS); $preformattedCallStack = '<pre>' . ob_get_clean() . '</pre>'; Or dump the full trace data array using tracy: bd(debug_backtrace());
  18. Did you try debug_print_backtrace? https://www.php.net/manual/en/function.debug-print-backtrace.php Maybe there's a Tracy entrypoint to get this logged properly.
  19. You may try set_time_limit in your script: https://www.php.net/manual/en/function.set-time-limit.php
  20. maybe requested URL is wrong or does not handle the AJAX query in that case? ...only guessing, lack of knowledge about the inner workings... ?
  21. No instant solution, but did you check in dev tools both request and returned data? If the JSON parser complains the response starts with a <, it seems to receive some HTML.
  22. $sanitizer->selectorValue("*"); effectively returns an empty string. So searching for nothing obviously isn't intended, but probably correct to return everything... ?
  23. Finally fixed @arjen's issue, culprit was a non-readable file within the pwpc directory which wasn't excluded since I forgot exclusion paths need to be site relative (/site/assets/pwpc/ for all ProCache users).
  24. yes, instantly! Probably because name is handled something special. Maybe worth triggering @ryan...
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