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  1. So I started off with your suggestion @elabx, but I'd forgotten my field is actually a multiplier, not just a straightforward text field. After messing around with it for a while I gave up. I couldn't even get it to look into the array and pull out the first one. While your suggestion sounds very cool @Autofahrn it's a bit beyond me at this stage. Maybe one day I'll have the confidence to go there...! ๐Ÿ™‚ In the end I used RuntimeMarkup (thanks @kongondo - especially for going to all that effort to set up a trial account!), but in a very basic way. I've just used it to do what I would've done with the method suggested by @elabx if I could've figured out how to correctly hook the multiplier. The end result is I now have a nice little thumbnail preview of the first specified image showing on my edit screen, which is all I really need at this point. Later on I might look at putting in something a little more advanced. Thanks once again to all of you. ๐Ÿ˜„
  2. Oh my goodness, thanks to all of you for your responses. I'll sit down and take a proper look tonight and let you know how I go. This community is so awesome! ๐Ÿ˜€
  3. Hi, I'm currently working on a website that embeds images that are hosted on SmugMug (there are many images already stored there, so there's no sense in uploading them in two places). The unique SmugMug ID is entered in a text field and the template provides the rest of the URL. Getting the images to display on the website is not a problem. However, I'm wondering if there's a way to get the image to display in the admin interface when editing a page (or at the very least a link to open the image in a new tab)? I'm assuming this could potentially be achieved with a hook. I've been using PW for a while but I've never used hooks. I've had a look at the documentation on the website but I don't really know where to begin. If someone could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Margaret
  4. Thanks @Robin S for checking this out. I decided to uninstall ImageMagick and try again just using GD. Oddly this time when I set the gamma to 4.0 I get something similar to what you've shared above. That didn't work before... The only thing I changed was the position of the $config->imageSizerOptions('defaultGamma', 0.5); line in the config file - previously I had it near the top whereas now it's at the bottom. I wouldn't have thought that would make any difference. I don't know, I must have been doing something wrong prior to installing ImageMagick. However, even when set at 0.5 or -1 the images are still a bit darker than the original. I might just have to change my adjustment settings in Lightroom and re-export so they're all a bit lighter to start with. I'm the only one who'll see the originals anyway.
  5. Sure, here's the jpg file as exported from Lightroom and uploaded to PW. I should add I'm running PW 3.0.123. Thanks! Margaret
  6. Hi, I've noticed that the variations of the images on my site are darker/more saturated than the originals I'm uploading, I was using the default GD and have changed to ImageMagick but that hasn't made any difference (ImageMagick is definitely installed on the server). (The site's not live yet so I have to rely on the screenshots below.) I'm exporting the images from Lightroom, using the sRGB option. When I look at the original within the ProcessWire admin it looks fine, but the variations are darker. I've also followed the advice in this post, including using Photoshop instead of Lightroom, but still haven't had any luck: $config->imageSizerOptions doesn't seem to do anything I will confirm that I'm removing all variations via the page edit screen each time I've made a change. I've added this line to my site/config.php: $config->imageSizerOptions('defaultGamma', 0.5); I've tried -1, 0.5, 4.0 - the variations are the same every time. The only thing that has made any difference is commenting out line 246 in ImageSizerEngineIMagick.module, as advised by @horst in another forum post. However, the result is then too washed out. I'd have thought setting the default gamma to -1 would have the same effect? The picture on the left is the original, as viewed in the PW admin. The middle picture is the variation visible on the edit screen, and the same regardless of what settings I place in the config file. The picture on the right is the variation visible on the edit screen, when line 246 is commented out. Am I missing something or is there a bug that's causing this config option to be ignored? Thanks! Margaret
  7. Thanks to those who noticed the 404 happening on the Jobs site. I've been on my Christmas break, hence the lack of response from me on the AAD Web Team forum account. We had some wider network issues going on which were out of the web team's hands, but the right people were aware of it and worked hard to get things going again. ๐Ÿ™‚
  8. ProcessWire is like a breath of fresh air. So powerful yet simple to build with and customise, and web editors love it too. Margaret Chatwin, Web Developer ๐Ÿ™‚
  9. Hi! I'm just wondering if any other members of the PW community are attending the Web Directions Summit conference in Sydney on November 9 & 10? If so feel free to PM me and maybe we can say hi. http://www.webdirections.org/wds/ Margaret
  10. Wow thanks everyone who contributed to this overnight! @PWaddict, that bank site is awesome. Thanks for the link @kongondo, we'll definitely check that out, and search for university. The security info is really useful, and obviously a very important consideration. Thanks also for the tip about the password recovery @heldercervantes! Thanks @rafaoski for those links! I totally agree @maxf5, and having done a couple of personal sites in PW, I know exactly what you mean about working with it being addictive! I've also sent an email off to Ryan asking if he can name any major companies using PW, so we'll see what he comes back with.
  11. Thanks @szabesz, I hadn't seen that thread but I'll share it with the others in the web team! Thanks to you and @DaveP for the links to the site categories as well. We have had a bit of a look through those and will continue to do so. I guess we were hoping we might unearth some additional ones. Yes, it's good in a way that PW doesn't advertise itself all over your source code, but at the same time it makes it hard to figure out just how many people are using it! I'd love to know what some of those major sites are. I wonder if Ryan would be able to tell me if I asked him...
  12. Hi psy, Thanks! Do you have any Australian site(s) that you've worked on that you're able to share?
  13. Hi Mike, Thanks, I think you're exactly right. Hopefully we can be the first to lead the way! (Though I still hope there might be someone out there already...) Even examples of large sites, regardless of their type could be helpful. I've told our web manager about Ryan's Villas of Distinction site as I read it had about 5000 URLs at launch. Or if any Australian users/developers/sites could make themselves known that may help too. I know there are 4 Aussie developers listed in the directory. Are there any more of you out there? In fact, any Australian government site, even if small, if one exists, would be good to add to our list. Fingers crossed!
  14. Hi, I apologise if this is the wrong forum for this question but I wasn't sure where else to put it. I work for the web team at an Australian government agency. We're currently evaluating a replacement CMS and we're really keen to use ProcessWire (I've used it for a couple of personal sites myself). There is a huge push from above to remain consistent with the majority of the Australian government and use one of the big name CMSs. We have tested this big name CMS and it really isn't suited to our needs. Our site is large and has a deep hierarchy (plus we have a number of other smaller sites as well). If we are forced to use the big name CMS, we have concerns about it functioning correctly, being easy for editors, and its performance. The executive are asking for more justification, documentation and proof as to why we should use a different CMS. I'm hoping that perhaps some people might be able to provide us with some example sites - especially government, or universities/museums/libraries, or any other institution with a large site that utilises a fairly deep hierarchy. If it's Australian that's even better. We are working our way through the Showcase section of the forum and the Sites list, but so far haven't found anything that is a really large website that is also government or similar. Plus I thought there might be some sites out there that have not been submitted. So if you know of a site that fits the bill please let me know (or feel free to PM me if there's some reason you can't share it widely). I really appreciate this. We don't have the date of the next executive meeting yet, but we may have to present something quite soon and we need to be ready. Thanks, Margaret
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