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"Live Search" is messed up


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30 minutes ago, ceberlin said:

I could not figure out yet which module or string creates the problem, but it seems to be some module I use a lot, as the problem appears on many sites.

It's very easy to find out which module causing this. Just search the module files if </body> and/or </script> closing tags are inside translatable strings.

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2 hours ago, ceberlin said:

How do I reset the translation cache to test the effect of their removal?

You need to go to your language id folder in site/assets/ and delete the .phrase-index.txt file.

37 minutes ago, ceberlin said:

Github does not seem to bring the (2y old) topic back to the top just because of new entries. The issue might be overlooked?

I don't think so. The issue is still opened and @ryan will be notified.

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I have the same problem, but I can use the searching box for looking witch file is broken. Also I can't find any phrase-index.txt, where is exactly?

Sorry @PWaddict, maybe you know. This problem about the live search could be the reason why after I added a new language it does not appear in the all URL segment ? I mean, I added French, and added fr in Languages Support - Page Names. In all pages the text input field for the French show up,  but in the setting section missing all URL  fr/link, there is only the link name, without the fr/

About the problem for the link I have fixed, I forgot to upload in the homepage the fr link. When you create the language to defeat in the homepage it's add the defeat language, I need to correct it by hand, even if you add the tag inside the page Languages Support - Page Names.

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I just noticed this topic, here is a related post for the Cookie Management Banner where this issue was also present:

Here you can find the location of the phrase-index.txt file too.

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Please inform the module authors to use HTML entities in notes for html tags. I've already fixed my PayPal module and also informed @Soma for EmailObfuscator module.

It seems that with HTML entities just removes the whole messed up text but Live Search still remains broken. I will wait for an official fix from @ryan.

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  • PWaddict changed the title to "Live Search" is messed up

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