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Markup Region should be visible in Docs


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Just working on some smaller projects and take the step into the actual master/dev version and all the new methods and api chunks that are coming with the 3.x series...

since i'm not always build websites i'm not always go with the brand new things and put them in my workflow....there is a 24 per day timelimit i think...;)

BUT actual i dive deep in markup regions....and holy shit this feature ROCKS!

It should put in place better than in some blogposts:



or can some admins make a headline in the official docs and link to the blogentries??

This feature is to important to get missed for beginners and other users of PW!

I'm just kick my whole workflow and change it for the markup regions....i'm feeling like xmas in summer ;) Thank you @ryan

Best regards and happy "new" year....:P

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Many new things are hidden in blogposts...like


for example is not in the API Reference....or just i did not find it.

no problem for me since i like finding treasures and loot on the way - but just wanna mention it.

Is there a chance to get involved or people could help extracting important bits from blogposts to the docs?

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Bit of a bump.

Ther Api-Docs are great and it is useful that they are built on the dockblocks but that still really limits how far they can go. A site that allows us to bring the core API-Docs, plus the fantastic blogs, tutorials, guides and forum posts would be perfect. All this information is so spread out at the moment its terrible compared to competing platforms.

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