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Add an allowed character to default seach form. [solved]


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Hello, and thanks again for PW. The more I use it, the more I like it.

I have a silly problem, and since I have tested several (bad) solutions, I come and ask for help. I think I'm just being thick there...

Is there a relatively simple way to add an allowed character to the default search form's sanitizer ?

FYI, I'm working on a dictionary in breton language (60k entries), and I must find a way to allow apostrophes in search input. (In breton language, "CH" and "C'H" are actually two different letters altogether).

I must say I'm a bit confused by the sanitizer. On the regular search form, it appears three times. Once in the input field itself, and twice on the search template.

I did read the sanitizer page and sanitizer class page, but I'm not sure to understand where to go from there. From what I understand, the


methods would accept some extra allowed character, but I seem to have no luck in adding this to my template. Morevover, do I have to change any sanitizer call to a -> name one ?

The sanitizer php core page includes an "allowedASCII" which seems very promising, but is there a way to override it ? Hooks ? (not used to them I'm affraid...)

Morevover, the fact that i'm trying to implement the (') character worries my a bit. Can I escape it ? would something like '\'' do the trick ?

Thank in advance to you, good men. The site building is reaching an end, and I am tired indeed. (you wouldn't believe the state of the initial DB I had to work from...)

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I don't think sanitizers will be the kicker here, but rather which characters are supported by processwire's selector engine and/or mysql's handling of those characters. I'm not sure, but $sanitizer->selectorValue might give at least some insights.

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Well... Thank you for the tip. Might well be, however, I have been looking at selectorValue, and it actually seems to handle apostrophes. (I might be wrong here)

However, Alice would say thing are getting curiouser and curiouser... If I echo my $q and $selector on the search page, and test with a "c'hai", for instance, I do get "c'hai" printed. So the apostrophe might indeed survive the sanitizers.

However, when I try to echo a

$pagechai = $pages->get("title=c'hai");
echo "<p>test appel:{$pagechai->name}</p>";

i get nothing, even if I try a title=c\'hai

Hmmm... Maybe this has some deeper root than a simple sanitizer. Does PW clean direct calls to it's pages titles ? Thiscould be a problem in my specific case. ^_^

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OK. First, thanks for checking. This will definitely spare me hours of pain. Definitely from my end. (I prefer this...)

Processwire is 3.0.42. Only "weird" thing I can think of on my dev server is PHP 7.0 (I will try with 6)

Oh, and I started with a blank profile and just copied the search page from default profile when I needed it. (don't ask me...), although searches mostly work.

Must be some misconfiguration somewhere in my settings. I'll try and start fresh in the morning.

Thank you very much, I would probably have lost hours before thinking of trying on a fresh install. I'll let you know if I discover what is the cause of this.

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I am running PHP 7, so don't worry about that.

I am running the latest PW dev 3.0.57, but I doubt there'd be an issue in 3.0.42, but maybe worth checking.

Did you go with standard MyISAM and UTF8 in your MySQL database? I don't think this should be an issue either, but just something to check.

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UTF8 and MyISAM, yep. MySQL standard from ubuntu repos.

But you might be right, now that you mention it, I can have reasonable doubts about my SQL config. I had to do some dirty things in order to recover data from a massive pile of sugar a while ago. 

I will try to dump this on another server tomorrow. It was planned anyway. Then I'll be sure.

Thanks for the head up. I'll let you know if I have any luck.

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Note for later : sleeping is sometimes useful.

So it eventually had nothing to do with PW search nor sanitizer. It was more about me being a moron.

This came from libreoffice not inserting the correct apostrophe character in the source data sheets. A simple search and replace in my original CSV will sort this out (I had to change a few things anyway).

Thank you all, folks, I could have lost hours before thinking of checking the source material. (as I should probably have done first....)

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