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  1. FYI : I just encountered the very same problem and symptoms on a PW 3.0.61 install, on both a local ubuntu server (php 7.0) and distant dirty-test-shared-OVH server. Doesn't happen on every image, although I can't figure out what the rule is (doesn't seem size nor orientation-related). Fun-fact : images are indeed uploaded, and show up in the assets' folder, but will not be shown on page edit in admin. Using Imagemagick core module seems to be a valid workaround. details ? Same as first post : Error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function getConfigData() on null in /wire/core/Pageimage.php:486 Stack trace: #0 /wire/core/Pageimage.php(346): ProcessWire\Pageimage->___size(260, 0, Array) #1 /wire/core/Pageimage.php(632): ProcessWire\Pageimage->size(260, 0, Array) #2 /wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldImage/InputfieldImage.module(495): ProcessWire\Pageimage->width(260, Array) #3 /wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldImage/InputfieldImage.module(558): ProcessWire\InputfieldImage->getAdminThumb(Object(ProcessWire\Pageimage), false) #4 /wire/core/Wire.php(389): ProcessWire\InputfieldImage->___renderItem(Object(ProcessWire\Pageimage), 'images_c46c5e26...', 2) #5 /wire/core/WireHooks.php(698): ProcessWire\Wire->_callMethod('___renderItem', Array) (line 486 of /wire/core/Pageimage.php)
  2. devri.bzh Devri is a "diachronical" breton language dictionary, in french language. (= a dictionary referencing words usages and evolution through time...) It contains 60K words, and counting. This project was supposed to be a simple upgrade to an existing (and recent) site built with symfony. However, the initial setup had so many problems I chose to rebuild it from the ground with PW. Search speed being the main focus here, most of my time was spent cleaning the source data. (DB was 280 Mo. It is now 60 Mo). The site itself is quite basic (although we have plans for future improvements with more advanced features) Techs : - PW 3.042 - Bootstrap / SASS - Nginx Modules used : - Ajax search - Import pages from CSV - DB backup - Hanna code - custom one Users are very pleased with the responsiveness. Admins seem to really enjoy the default admin tools (clear and simple). They managed to set up an efficient collaborative workflow. PW definitely made some new friends here. Thank you, PW.
  3. OK. Note for later : sleeping is sometimes useful. So it eventually had nothing to do with PW search nor sanitizer. It was more about me being a moron. This came from libreoffice not inserting the correct apostrophe character in the source data sheets. A simple search and replace in my original CSV will sort this out (I had to change a few things anyway). Thank you all, folks, I could have lost hours before thinking of checking the source material. (as I should probably have done first....)
  4. UTF8 and MyISAM, yep. MySQL standard from ubuntu repos. But you might be right, now that you mention it, I can have reasonable doubts about my SQL config. I had to do some dirty things in order to recover data from a massive pile of sugar a while ago. I will try to dump this on another server tomorrow. It was planned anyway. Then I'll be sure. Thanks for the head up. I'll let you know if I have any luck.
  5. o_O OK. First, thanks for checking. This will definitely spare me hours of pain. Definitely from my end. (I prefer this...) Processwire is 3.0.42. Only "weird" thing I can think of on my dev server is PHP 7.0 (I will try with 6) Oh, and I started with a blank profile and just copied the search page from default profile when I needed it. (don't ask me...), although searches mostly work. Must be some misconfiguration somewhere in my settings. I'll try and start fresh in the morning. Thank you very much, I would probably have lost hours before thinking of trying on a fresh install. I'll let you know if I discover what is the cause of this.
  6. Well... Thank you for the tip. Might well be, however, I have been looking at selectorValue, and it actually seems to handle apostrophes. (I might be wrong here) However, Alice would say thing are getting curiouser and curiouser... If I echo my $q and $selector on the search page, and test with a "c'hai", for instance, I do get "c'hai" printed. So the apostrophe might indeed survive the sanitizers. However, when I try to echo a $pagechai = $pages->get("title=c'hai"); echo "<p>test appel:{$pagechai->name}</p>"; i get nothing, even if I try a title=c\'hai Hmmm... Maybe this has some deeper root than a simple sanitizer. Does PW clean direct calls to it's pages titles ? Thiscould be a problem in my specific case.
  7. Hello, and thanks again for PW. The more I use it, the more I like it. I have a silly problem, and since I have tested several (bad) solutions, I come and ask for help. I think I'm just being thick there... Is there a relatively simple way to add an allowed character to the default search form's sanitizer ? FYI, I'm working on a dictionary in breton language (60k entries), and I must find a way to allow apostrophes in search input. (In breton language, "CH" and "C'H" are actually two different letters altogether). I must say I'm a bit confused by the sanitizer. On the regular search form, it appears three times. Once in the input field itself, and twice on the search template. I did read the sanitizer page and sanitizer class page, but I'm not sure to understand where to go from there. From what I understand, the $sanitizer->name methods would accept some extra allowed character, but I seem to have no luck in adding this to my template. Morevover, do I have to change any sanitizer call to a -> name one ? The sanitizer php core page includes an "allowedASCII" which seems very promising, but is there a way to override it ? Hooks ? (not used to them I'm affraid...) Morevover, the fact that i'm trying to implement the (') character worries my a bit. Can I escape it ? would something like '\'' do the trick ? Thank in advance to you, good men. The site building is reaching an end, and I am tired indeed. (you wouldn't believe the state of the initial DB I had to work from...)
  8. Hello again. A very basic feedback. I feel stupid... Maybe this is a feature (minimal install, just add what you need etc.), and not a bug. . In that case, of course, just pretend I said nothing. I have had a problem with the collapsed navbar with bootstrap. It just wouldn't expand at all. Not good for mobile user, of course. But the power of the ancestral RTFM technique gave me a hint. Actually, the problem is trivial : the plugins.js included in the templates/js folder does include "transition" and "dropdown". However, "collapse" is nowhere to be seen. Solution is very simple : copy and paste the collapse public class definition, from the bootstrap.js in the bower folder, into your plugin.js file. As I said, maybe it is normal behavior, and I'm just being thick, here. But since this wonderful "out of the box" template doesn't allow collapsed navigation bar to expand straight away, maybe others will be as thick as I was. Thanks again for this nice profile.
  9. Ooops. Sorry. I did search the forums, but being completely blinded by the "file field" aspect, I completely overlooked this thread. All apologies. However.... It DID solve my problem. Thanks a ton. And, again, sorry for the useless thread. (However, since "disable multilingual description" was checked, I believed the description would be available for all languages. Oh, well. Nevermind. I'm just thick.)
  10. Hello again. I have a silly problem. I feel a bit ashamed, really, but I have been searching for some time now, and I can't seem to find the issue. I have a simple site (first one I made with PW, actually), with a "file" field on a "news" template/page. So the webmaster can add a downloadable file to his news. It works fine, actually, but the field description, which should appear on the page, doesnt show up for guests. It does, as long as I am connected as an admin. But guest users (visitors) can't see it. No text is rendered. (the link itself is working.) I get the same result on local and distant site. I dont get it. Have I missed a permission setting or something ? The code for rendering the link is as follow : When connected as an admin, this outputs, for example, the following code : However, for a guest, the result is : Whatever I do. In the DB, the description is stored as : I have probably missed a simple setting somewhere about permissions. But I can't seem to find it. Maybe I'm just slow-brained today... Help ? Please ?
  11. This is just perfect. Thanks a great big massive lot, mister gentleman sir !
  12. Hello. I'm gonna add my two cents here. I am just setting up my very first PW multi-site installation (Oh, the emotion...), following the tutorial. (two databases, with a site-secondsite folder). So it is a fresh, blank install, on a local LAMP. I do get that same error. However, the fun fact is : I only get it when I log in to the second-site.com admin ("site-second" folder). The "main" site ("site" folder) throws no error at me. II first thought I made a mistake installing the "site-second" folder. But I now doubt it. Sounds sane to me. (unless I have to declare both sites' URL in each config.php, which would make little sense, I guess) And yes, I have declared the second site in index-config.php. Funnier fact is : Uh ? Should'nt I get, at least : please update site-second/config.php ? Beats me. o_O Cleaning assets/sessions doesn't help. However, the sites' admin both seem to work correctly. (I'll only be sure when I start creating specific content/templates. But that will be tomorrow. And if then I realise I simply and miserably failed my multi-site config, I will come back and apologize. )
  13. Well, I'll be damned. That worked. (Although without any loading bar, obviously...) I am a very surprised, since I use the very same browser for the local or distant sites (ff 35) and a solid fiber connection. (I'll ask the future webmaster to try with his own provider... We'll be sure.) Anyway, it DOES work, you are my new hero, Nico Knoll. Can't thank you enough for that.
  14. Hello folks. I'm trying processwire for the fisrt time, here, and I must say it is very elegant. Love it. However, I must say I encounter the same problem. Image field working fine on my local server. (LAMP, debian stable), but getting stuck at 100% on my production server, with no image uploaded at all. I've tried quite everything I could find on the forum, regarding images upload problems, but : - I switched to php 5.5 - open_basedir has no value - I have tried setting everything in /assets to 777. (but it shouldn't be a problem, since removing images works perfectly.) - Even deleted : re-installed everything from scratch, using export-site-profile module. (nice one, BTW) Still not working. This goes beyond my poor capacity. It is definitely not a file size problem. I can't even upload a 60 kb file. The only suspicious thing I get from my server log looks like this : "POST /admin/page/edit/?id=1017 HTTP/1.1" 403 185 "http://mysite.com/admin/page/edit/?id=1017&s=1" However, as I said, even 777 couldn't help. I could try the always_populate_raw_post_data trick, however it has the same value on my local and distant server : Off. (Moreover, the distant server is a shared server, so I couldn't change the php.ini anyway.) He who finds the answer will definitely get my eternal gratitude, as it is definitely a problem. And thanks again to the dev(s ?). This really is a nice CMS. It is exactly what I was looking for. (Coming from drupal, I nearly cry out of joy, every time I have a look at the database.) (Not even mentionning the API.) I love it. Will probably use it a lot in a near future. (If I can get it to upload files, that is. )
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