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  1. Hi guys So I'm building a little search index for a client with this recipe I've found on the ProcessWire Recipes website (more info: https://processwire-recipes.com/recipes/set-up-search-index-with-fieldtypecache/) I've followed the exact steps in the recipe and the script appears to be working, except for Profields: Repeater Matrix. 🙄 This is the code I've got so far: <?php include('includes/header.php') ?> <?php $q = $sanitizer->selectorValue($input->get->q); if($q) { $results = $pages->find('search_cache%='. $q); } else { $resul
  2. Hi gebeer Thanks for the excellent suggestions! I am going to test these out immediately. In the meanwhile I've adjusted both of the if-statements. It's the little tips that make a lot of difference to me, thanks for that! As I'm gaining more and more experience, I am sure I will discover a lot of other small tips. Thanks again!
  3. Hi Gebeer! Thanks for the kind words! Indirectly that line indeed caused the problem. If you have a look at the two if-statements just above this line, you will see that I don't check if the values "$category->id" and "$subcategory->id" are set or not and if they are empty or not. With the faulty code the variable "$selector" in the line of code that you mentioned above is empty. That way, the products are not being loaded when a category is selected. This was problem 1. I've made a second adjustment. In my code I have renamed the template "products_categories.php" to
  4. Hi everybody This topic can be closed. I have found the solution. Thanks anyway!
  5. Hi guys I guess this is the right forum to post my question. If not, do let me know. Ok, I'm fairly new to ProcessWire and so far I really like the CMS! It's magnificent to use and really straight forward. Big thanks to Ryan for that. Now, the question I have. I have a template called 'products_categories.php' in which I collect and render all the different categories (the categories basically act as a filter) for a variety of products and next to the categories, I render all the products, like so: <?php include('includes/header.php') ?> <?php $categoryName = $sanitizer-
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