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  1. Yes, this sounds very useful. I don't see the code above but I understand what your intention is. That's exactly the kind of feedback I hope to gather. I will need a database solution because my site does not have write access to the log directory in the production environment.
  2. Neat! Thanks for the help. I will make do with the log files for now and keep an eye out for something more structured. Adrian, if I can help test or give feedback, I'd be happy to do so. Cheers, Jenn
  3. Hello. I've been hanging out in Google Analytics a bit these days enjoying the real-time activity view of my site's traffic. It has prompted me to wonder if there is a way to record the terms people search for using the built-in PW search engine to a log file of some sort on the server so I can review it from time to time to get a sense of user needs.
  4. Good evening, folks. Well, about an hour after I reported my data loss to the server admins this morning, they sent out a message campus-wide saying there was a critical need to reboot the three mysql servers that run most of the U's websites. I think we can safely ascribe this to a case of something being broken on the server, as Ryan suggests, although I may never find out what, exactly. When I looked at my tables more closely I saw that the "fields" table had zero entries, which sounds pretty sub-optimal. I'm glad I had a backup. Joss, two weeks sounds like a long time to wait for clarity. I admire your persistence. It's hard not to be in control of the server machines. A bit like the electric company I guess. Thanks, people, for thread-sitting this with me.
  5. Adrian, it looks like somehow I lost 50K of data in my database between today and yesterday. Both my fields and modules tables were repaired successfully but they had lost all their data. I dropped and then re-installed this weekend's backup of the database and now the site is back up and running. Now to try and figure out what happened... Thanks again for helping...
  6. Thanks for the suggestion. I just emptied the assets folder. No change. Yes, public site and admin site both are down.
  7. Good morning. I'm having a problem with my big PW site. It stopped responding less than an hour ago (except for the 500 Internal Error message). Here is what the error log says: 2014-03-17 13:07:50 ? https://wwwudev.cac.washington.edu/?/ Error: Exception: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1194 Table 'modules' is marked as crashed and should be repaired (in /nfs/bronfs/uwfs/info/wwwudev/world/uaa/advising/wire/core/Modules.php line 251) 2014-03-17 13:13:30 ? https://wwwudev.cac.washington.edu/?/ Error: Exception: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1194 Table 'fields' is marked as crashed and should be repaired (in /nfs/bronfs/uwfs/info/wwwudev/world/uaa/advising/wire/core/WireSaveableItems.php line 141) 2014-03-17 13:19:02 ? https://wwwudev.cac.washington.edu/?/ Error: Call to a member function has() on a non-object (line 36 of /nfs/bronfs/uwfs/info/wwwudev/world/uaa/advising/wire/core/Users.php) I repaired the modules and fields table but now I'm getting the last error and I don't know what is happening. The site is on a shared server; I checked to make sure I have lots of disk space. I don't know what could have changed this morning; my next step is to ask our network technicians.
  8. Hm, interesting. Nope, I'm wanting PW to take over for all my old static pages. My site is configured to run on both a dev and production environment, and I'm wondering if that is causing a problem, even though the path is relative. Thanks for the confirmation that it *should* work.
  9. Greetings. I think I may be confused about how this module works. I can establish a redirect that just involves a directory (i.e. "/summer/") but when I give it a path that ends with a php file name ("/uaa/advising/majors/minoff.php") it tells me it is not a valid URL. Maybe this module will not work with a path that ends with .php, like Soma's trouble with .aspx?
  10. Every time a new PW site goes live, an angel gets their wings! I am so pleased to announce this one: UW Undergraduate Advising This is my fourth professional PW site, and the largest. It manages information about more than 100 different majors at the UW, their associated departments, related courses, schools, colleges, and subjects. And a handful of people and a LOT of text. It's basically a manual to pursuing an undergraduate degree at the University. And PW was a JOY to work with. It kept up with everything I threw at it, gracefully and effortlessly. I cannot praise this software highly enough. Thank you Ryan and everybody that is keeping this thing cooking. Best wishes, Jenn
  11. I installed Teflon for the admin panel. Saving is no longer a problem in Chrome. Thank you Soma!
  12. I'm also having this problem. In Chrome, this message is not appearing (and edits are not being saved): Session: Saved Page: /connect-through-academics/new-411/ (1 change) Things work as expected in Firefox. I have the latest version of Chrome (Version 31.0.1650.63 m) and I am on a PC. I don't have any additional Admin themes installed.
  13. I like to limit the number of templates I use so that it is easier to format them consistently. I'll use conditional logic within them to present different elements on different pages (usually by ID). The flip-side to this is that as the site gets built out, my "basic page" templates start to contain a lot of extra fields that are only relevant for a particular sub-set of "basic" pages. Is there a way to suppress fields in the editor according to what page they are on, or do I need to think more globally about includes and such and diversify my templates to address this tendency? Thanks, Jenn
  14. Ah, find. Find is my friend. I had a sense I was re-inventing the wheel. Thanks so much, Ryan. J
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