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  1. Hello, @adrian!

    Can you please add the exhaustive list of available types and fields ("name', 'type', etc.) and how to work with them? There are 'select', 'text, 'AsmSelect', etc., but can you please document all the types and fields? Or maybe I'm missing something?

  2. I personally don't think that forum search is bad - it's quite flexible, you can search with AND and OR logical operators on words, search in different topics and forums, choose whether to search in titles and body or in titles only. What can be improved is searching synonyms for words like Google does, i.e. when we search for "teapot", we also should get results for "kettle".

  3. Hello everyone!

    I have a cyrillic string transliteration of which I want to use as a name for the new page via cloning another page with a custom title. I'm using this function:

    function foo($copyFromPage$parent$newTitle$language) {
        $clone = wire('pages')->clone($copyFromPage);
        $clone->title->setLanguageValue(wire('languages')->get($language), $newTitle);
        $clone->name = $newTitle;
        $clone->parent = $parent;
        wire('pages')->save($clone, ['ignoreFamily' => true]);

    Usage of my function is like:

    foo(65536, 32768, 'Новая страница', 'ru');

    I need to translate 'Новая страница' into a name like novaya-stranitsa in order to have a page to be named correctly (now I have hyphen instead of name). Could you please tell me how to do it in ProcessWire?

  4. Hello everyone!

    I have _strings.php file which I need to use on entire site. It is included in _init.php file like that: 

    However, our site uses partially uses Wire Render Pattern (https://github.com/joyofpw/wire-render-pattern), which is why _strings.php isn't getting included to some files automatically. Can you please tell us what to do in this case?
  5. Good day, @Ivan Gretsky!

    Yes, also online games with English-writing players can teach some English slang (e.g. "ty" stands for "thank you", "np" stands for "no problem"). Also generally online games can teach how to write messages quickly (as you need to play and communicate at the same time unless you're using voice talk), which can be a good skill for programmer too.

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  6. Thank you for the response! However, I meant the user avatar on ProcessWire forums. Sorry for being somewhat inexact in my question.

    Suddenly I found that in my profile option "Profile Photo" appeared and was able to place my avatar, so the problem is solved now.

  7. Hello everyone!

    I'm new here and I want to set an user avatar to my profile. However, I don't see any option in my personal cabinet that can do it. Could you please tell me if there are there some requirements for user for setting an avatar or I'm missing something?

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