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  1. I don't know and it's very hard to find out because everything image related in the CMS is very unreliable for lack of a better word. I don't know if the images are cached somewhere, on the server, in the browser? Any changes I take don't have any effect, setting the image focus manually in the input dialogue, not even rotating or flipping changes anything. I delete all image variations, rename the images, nothing helps. All stays the same so it's hard to say if the API is correct or not.
  2. …doesn't work if you also set a size? like: $thumb = $foo->images->first->focus(0,0); // works $thumb = $foo->images->first->size(400, 400)->focus(0,0); // doesn't work
  3. thats's what I did bru
  4. just curious, what framework does this very proccesswire.com community forum use? First I though it's some from scratch side project by processwire but then I came across https://forum.affinity.serif.com Hi there, I can answer that 😄 https://invisioncommunity.com/
  5. I will look into that and post my code eventually. thanks!
  6. I ran the first query, it says @@character_set_database utf8mb4 @@collation_database utf8mb4_german2_ci so that setting doesn't solve my problem after all… should I try with utf8mb4_german2_ci ?
  7. yes it is in the list. Actually I don't know anymore where to set the CharSet at all (let alone that I didn't find utf8mb4 in the list). I think mixed it up with the dropdown in the import tab. So how to set the CharSet to begin with? And then, I thought I changed the collation for one specific database but it seems like that's a setting that applies to the whole server? Not good…
  8. I cannot find the MySQL version. It's not in the database settings in the host and there's no Database server widget when I click on the home icon in phpMyAdmin and also I do not have SSH access. Something so simple, so far…
  9. I tried that. First of all, I don't see utf8mb4 in the list of charsets, as suggested in the stackOverflow answers, so I cannot select it. Then, trying to change the collation to utf8mb4_unicode_ci or utf8mb4_german2_ci doesn't help, I think it requires the charset to be set to utf8mb4 as well. If I check "Change all tables collations" and "Change all tables columns collations" I get an error like so The behaviour in the frontend of my project doesn't change anyway. I'm not very knowledgeable in that area anyway, so thanks for help!
  10. thanks, ->selectorValue seems good BUT it breaks when the value contains Umlaute (äöü) It puts the value in between double quotes "" which breaks the rest of the selector and whatnot. 😞
  11. I have an issue with selectors, whenever there is a comma in the selected value… $foo = $item->foo; // "what, ever, with, commas" $bar = pages()->get("template=foo_template, title=$foo"); then I get Fehler: Exception: Unknown Selector operator: '[empty]' -- was your selector value properly escaped? (in wire/core/Selectors.php line 222) Because it thinks that what ever is after the comma is the next selector. Though the value in question is not expected to have commas, this shouldn't happen. How can I escape it properly? And then, also, even though I'm NOT in config debug mode, Tracy Debugger is NOT active and I am NOT logged in, i.e. not superuser, I still get the error in the frontend, breaking the entire output script, showing me no CSS (I use markup regions). That's of course not a good user experience. Shouldn't it show a white page instead? Do I have to use a try-catch code block?
  12. need to pick this up, as new issues arose. with PW 3.0.207 the pagination seems to work fine on admin templates, but for ProFields Table, the pagination neither works in .207 nor in .200 though the behaviour is slightly different. I guess I need to update, i.e. buy the newest update of that module then?
  13. this works like a charm! thanks a lot @gebeer
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