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  1. not an easy fix for me. In the action options I can only select the field inside the repeater, not the repeater. Not sure why I would want that, but there's no easy way to get to the field's "parent" repeater. Also, I guess, the issue might be that you need to specify which one of the many repeaters – thus multiple repeater's subfields with the same name – to set the value for.
  2. I figured out what's with the memory exhausted problem. That is solely related to whether or not I do an automatic database backup or not. So I do have a work around, you know, just not do database backups. It might just have to do with the server, I will look into that, but it's not urgent.
  3. I'm trying to use the core admin action Field Set or Search and Replace to set a value of a field inside a repeater field. That doesn't work, I tried with the option "Use Regex" ticked and unticked as well as the option "default" Language ticked and unticked. I guess repeater fields are more complex for this action to get the job right. Any suggestions?
  4. Not sure if that makes a lot of sense or even if it is possible. I happen to find myself iterating the page IDs and other IDs a lot during testing, only to delete the pages and whatnot afterwards. So I'm basically iterating the IDs for no good reason. Wouldn't it be nice to have a module that can reset that ID in the database, either manually or automatically, say upon deletion?
  5. I'm having the same issue as mentioned above Optimize table to reclaim space and reorganize indexes. I don't know what is going on here actually. Is that a reason for concern? Does that have to do with the database configuration? Also, I almost exclusively see this warning next to custom fields that are created for a custom module of mine upon installation. So naturally I wonder if I misconfigured something inside that module? Thanks for help!
  6. How can I add a classic I have read and accepted the privacy policy and terms and conditions-checkbox that needs to be ticked before submitting to the subscribe form in ProMailer?
  7. this works fine: $modules->getModuleEditUrl($className);
  8. maybe I made myself not too clear or I'm not getting something very basic. I want to have a link inside the /admin/setup/ dropdown menu that brings me to my modules settings page. My module extends class WireData implements Module, ConfigurableModule, so the settings of the module are defined in an array of different fields in a separate php file outside the module's class. If I click on the module or on "Settings" just where the module is in the modules list, it brings me right where I want to be. I just want this page easier accessible.
  9. how can I add a shortcut to my module or my module's settings page (which is the same in my case, I think) inside /admin/setup/ (dropdown) ?
  10. Thanks for looking into this Bernhard. I'd love to make it more backwards compatible though, so I'm still trying to solve it old-school. Here I'm getting the first field of the template that is an image field, not really relevant but what ever. foreach($item->fields as $field) : if($field->type != 'FieldtypeImage'){continue;} else {$imagefield = $field; break;} endforeach; $imageHttpUrl = $item->$imagefield->first->httpUrl; This seems to always work when the field is set to array or automatic and whether the field is populated with just one or more images. That's good enough for me. However, now I'm wondering, if the field is not populated at all, how I can make it work for the fall-back value that you can set for an image field, you know? The one you specify in the "Details" or "Advanced" tab of the field settings.
  11. OK turns out ->ext is misleading and not the right property to set here. ->extensions works though, what do you know.
  12. OK after some reverse-engineering, for lack of a better word… no actually reverse-engineering actually nails it. I found out that the fieldgroup's name needs to match the template's name. Once this is ensured, it works, then you can edit/remove/add/shuffle fields, all the good stuff. You're welcome 😄
  13. this remains a mystery. Also, I found another typo. Should be its and not it's 😉 EDIT: never mind, the typo got fixed in a later version 😄 😞
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