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  1. hi, I'm trying to reach out the customer support about a payment, but there is no response so far. I'm wondering is there any support, and what to do if there is no reply at all. thanks
  2. hello folks, does anyone know how long does it take to get a response from the ProcessWire customer support. Do you have any previous experience?
  3. @kongondo Thanks again and yes, absolutely. If any questions appear, will post to the proper topic. No need to flood every topic with details.
  4. Thanks @kongondo Will have to try it out then. I thought that the menu builder can be used only for simple dropdowns but boy I was wrong. Have you got a sample code to use for starter with getMenuItems() feature?
  5. I've been ressearching for all various approaches to start a mega menu with clickable categories on the left and a few query results to the right, so initially thought of having pure PW markup with selecting pages and including my menu markup, but then found this post and I must admit that the approach of @Macrura seems very much the one I would like to try. Having done that structure, I can organize my menu the way I want and still be able to re-organize it without touching the code once done. Not to mention that it would also work with multilanguage just because every menu would support it. For sure for simple dropdowns I would use MenuBuilder which works OOB and deliver, but I am not yet finding a way to have a custom markup menu with it (besides changing styles and menu layout a bit).
  6. Wow. Thanks a lot gents. The idea that got in my head is to try to create sort of a visual builder (a simple version) with the ability to resize the widths. Have not yet tested it, but if I define a few fields (header, main, sidebar, footer etc.) and add them to a template, using the field width I can actually repurpose its values hence dynamically set width for the frontend as well 😉
  7. Hello @Robin S I've been using this little treasure for all my forms and I simply love it. Had recently a need for a project and would like to check with you, if it would be possible somehow to obtain the field width in a template? e.g. field = myfield, width = 20% (set by the module slider) $fieldWidth = $page->myfield.width; if ($fieldWidth > 40) { ...Code... } Checking up the module code but can't figure it out yet... Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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