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  1. In case anyone else has this issue with the ajax calendar disappearing when clicking on the prev/next month. My issue was the recurme-ajax template was prepending _init.php and appending _main.php files. Disabling the prepend and append under the template files tab was the fix. @adrian Thanks for digging in and discovering the cause.
  2. @joshuag Thanks for all of you hard work on this module. I agree w/ @chcs re: "The admin field, screens, and some of the tools you provide are very slick... but the object for custom output is harder to figure out, or simply not that useful depending on the nature of recurrence (or not). ". I am making it work with all the additions you have made (from the feature requests posted in the forum) and from many of the great posts from the wonderful PW community. I am having an issue w/ a second implementation of your module. When rendering the calendar, the ajax does not work when clicking to the prev/next month. The calendar simply disappears. I have verified the location of the recurme-ajax.php file in my templates/ directory etc... "Please make sure that your site contains a hidden page home/recurme-ajax/ using the template "recurme-ajax" and that you have a matching file in your site/templates/ folder. IF for some reason this file is missing, you can copy the template file from the InputfieldRecur/templates/recurme-ajax.php" I've compared my recurme-ajax.php file w/ InputfieldRecur/templates/recurme-ajax.php. They are identical. When clicking prev/next in the calendar, $calendar in the recurme-ajax.php file is empty. Line 40 $out .= $calendar->render($options); I have exhausted any thoughts why this may be happening. Is there anything you our anyone else can think of as to what would cause this? Thanks
  3. Hi @joshuag I am working on the same project with Adrian using your Recurme module. I've used the updated files you provided. rrule-gui.js and MarkupRecurme.module. Using the $event->timeEndUnix; that you have added is working for New and Imported events. However, both New and Imported events have an issue when changing the Date (non repeating events) and displaying the $event->timeEndUnix. On first save, the $event->timeEndUnix continues to display the old end date. But if I go into the event a second time, and save once again (with no changes), the $event->timeEndUnix is updated correctly.
  4. @tpr Fantastic! Great addition. @adrian thanks for suggesting.
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