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  1. There are great features on all these systems, windows (phone), android, linux, ios and mac os x. I get my first mac 2007. It was a white MacBook. Previously i used windows laptops or build a computer together for my own. But since the experience with Mac OS X i would never go back to windows. Its not these color or that shiny button. Its the fact, that the combination of hardware and software works simply better together. Sure, Windows 7 and Windows 8 are great operating systems too altthough i think the strategy from microsoft with Windows 8 were a few steps to much. I felt never wrong with
  2. I had a dream last night that Jonathan updated the module. When i woke up i realize that was not a dream . It works now for me. Thanks for your work...
  3. Thanks guys. With Horsts suggestion and with $spex->setLayout(false) i became a blank site where only the child templates are rendered, no header, no footer in my case. With the update from Jonathan it seems we are on the right road again . I have the _base markup and within the child templates. But now in the child templates the $page variable contains not the fields from the child template but from the parent page.
  4. I have set up the _base.php file with the markup for header and footer. Then i have a default layout file with only one line: echo $spex->slot('content') Now i have a page, lets say a feature page of an application. As childrens of these page i have pages with feature 1, feature 2 and so on. Feature 1 should render a headline, feature 2 an image and maybe feature 3 a table. In the parent page i loop over the childrens: foreach ($page->children() as $c) { echo $c->render(); } The result is, that i became the whole page markup with header and footer with each call of the render
  5. I have one question that becomes a problem for me. I have pages with children as something like content blocks. One should render a image, another a text and so on. When i loop through the children and render it, then i became the whole page... Maybe i overlooked something but is there a way to render only the template file without the _base.php markup?
  6. In my experience, email making right is a science in itself. When you think different browsers are horrible, yes email is more horrible. There are so many different clients out there, desktop and webmail clients. I think the important things are: always use <table> and only inline styles. Google Mail for example removes all <style>-blocks. I have some good experiences with Zurb's E-Mail Framework Ink (http://zurb.com/ink/). Some good resources you can find from MailChimp (http://templates.mailchimp.com) or Campaign Monitor (http://www.campaignmonitor.com/resources/will-it-work
  7. what the hell is with the sound great...
  8. We use the Zend framework at work and as a designer i fight nearly every day with this monster . I am quite often in the situation asking a developer if its possible to get this particular markup or something else. Then i hear about decorators and forms and so on and we end with javascript hacks to inject some markup. Anyway...i think you have 2 options! the hard way in my opinion is learn something more about the zend framework. The other way is go with processwire. I couldt'n see anything at your application why you shouldt'n migrate to pw. The forum here is full of content to make this wo
  9. It seems the module doesn't work in version 2.4. I tried it in a fresh 2.3 copy and it works as expected. In the current version i became a 'login failed' error where the '@' was converted in a '-' as Ryan wrote in a earlier post. Does anyone an idea how to fix this. I have a client who asks for the posibility to login users with email adresses...
  10. I went with both, bootstrap and foundation, in the past. i prefer foundation because i think its more a starting point with a very basic style. bootstrap is more production ready but in the last months, dozens of sites came out with bootstrap. Sometimes i think, please, i will no longer see that bootstrap style...
  11. there are also some applications for the fancy sass, scss, compass, less or coffescript stuff... http://incident57.com/codekit/ http://mhs.github.io/scout-app/ http://koala-app.com
  12. that reminds me of a game on the good old amiga 500: F/A-18 Interceptor...i started from a aircraft carrier and i flew with maximum speed through the golden gate bridge...
  13. google himself gave an answer when there are to many markers (https://developers.google.com/maps/articles/toomanymarkers?hl=de). marker clusterer is one option. maybe someone finds the other solutions interesting... greetings
  14. hi kongondo, yes your suggestion make sense. first i thought the changes on the page title were enough (color, line-through). but maybe the toggle of the label is one step smarter . i updated the repos on github. i don't know whether the code changes are efficent than i am not a coder too . greetings...
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