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  1. Thanks guys, you're amazing! I will try it this week, see how well it works and post back here! Thanks again!
  2. Hi Guys - I came across something that sounds pretty basic, but haven't found a module in PW for it yet. I'd like to ask you guys if you know of something here that could solve that. Need: Ability to upload pre defined banner sizes Rotate after each load of the page if more than 1 Present a simple click-through rate based on a period from x to y (last 30 days as default) Categories with banners within (in case there are multiple sponsors) I've used OpenX before, but had problems with it needed to be updated VERY frequently due to possible exploits and it was a little bit of a hassle. I'm also looking for something much more simple and that runs inside the CMS. I just wanted to throw this out there to see if anyone ever had the need for something similar and if there's any simple solution. Tks! jw
  3. Me too, cant wait for the case study! Great job Luis!
  4. Nope, just looking for a way to replicate the functionality found in http://www.tearoffflyermaker.com/ , but replacing it by PW. A webapp in this case would be a site that runs by its users, without my interaction. Yes, CRUD on the front end - In other words: 1) User Registers (some email is sent for account validation) 2) After validation the user logs in and creates flyers with some predefined fields (header, info, long text - for example). 3) User "generate flyer" and this great module kicks in https://processwire....dule-pages2pdf/. 4) User can then edit and delete their flyers or create new ones. So, basically a site that doesn't get populated by me, but by it's users. Did this make more sense now? I understand this a very generic approach and it's not how it should be done. I'm just looking for ways to get my feet wet with PW not serving only as a CMS, but also as something like that. Tks! jw
  5. Great help guy, thanks a lot! Are you aware on any how-to documentation for creating apps with PW? I've seen a lot of documents about it being used as a CMS for websites, but not as a webapp where users interact with it by create, read update and delete data (CRUD). Are you guys aware of something I could follow. And yes, I might get a real developer to help me with that, I'm just curious! Cheers! jw
  6. Hi ProcessWire's, how are you all? I've been postponing it for months, but I think the time has come to try to look into this issue a little deeper. I currently have a website http://www.tearoffflyermaker.com/ built in Zend that is getting some traction and about 10 new users a day and I'd love to give this a little more attention! The problem is that it was coded on Zend by a dev in Russia that is gone, has a rather simple "Generating PDF" functionality (with some kind of Zend plugin he used) and some pre built PDF Flyer themes that I'll also have to improve ASAP. I'm perfectly aware that ProcesWire would have the ability to mimic all of that and I'm pretty sure it could replace that heavy Zend to make this app work a litttle better and give me more control about what's going on (since I know nothing about Zend). The only problem, and you hear that a lot, is that I'm not a hard core dev and haven't found many case studies or guides to create apps using Pwire. I would also have to research and undertsand what the optios to generate PDF's from limited user data input there are out there. Would someone be able to help? At least point me to some how-to's on building apps with PW? And yes, I'm also thinking in having a real coder help me with that soon, but I also love to explore myself and understand what's going on under the hood. Tks in advance for your help and sorry if this is a little overwhelming! Cheers! jw
  7. jwaldeck

    I'm back

    Hi Ryan, it's great to have you back! Can't wait for the new PW launch! @Hertha, welcome! Yes, the nice people on this community also caught my attention, with the nicest of all being Ryan - it's impressive how helpful everybody is around here! You have chosen the right CMS, don't worry! I used to use Wordpress, CMSMS, Drupal, Joomla and will never look back after getting to know PW - there's great future ahead of it, but not only that, it's the most intelligent and flexible CMS you'll ever come across. Cheers! jw
  8. Hi Matthew - I'm glad you had a positive impression and tks for your comments! Overall the >768 breakpoint still needs work, it's behaving weird and not optimized well, I might just get rid of it for now, we'll see. To your points: Not right, definitely needs to be adjusted. On the phone breakpoint I got rid of that background, might do the same there; Yes, this is on purpose. If the content type has a "summary", it'll be displayed; The side nav items are static links to hidden pages. Please let me know if there's a smarter way of doing this! Tks again! jw
  9. jwaldeck


    Hi Everyone! I'm glad to show you guys my first Processwire project: http://www.ihera.com.br/ It's a simple yet tailor made website I did for a clinic specialized in women health in Brazil. We've designed/coded several templates for the backend, used the Skeleton CSS Framework (http://www.getskeleton.com/) to help making it responsive adn some some minor javascript to some pages - and of course, made it very SEO friendly with custom titles and meta description for each page. I'd like to thank Ryan again for this amazing tool! I've never done such a tailor made CMS (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, CMS - I've been there) that's so easy to use that my client didn't need more than 10 minutes of "training" and is super happy about the outcome and the ease of maintaining it. Simple, amazing and beautiful. Best of all: the code is clean and since you code the templates from scratch, you know exactly what is what and speed and great clean markup is an obvious result of it... Let me know what you think! Tks a lot! jw
  10. Hi Ryan - The following method for switching languages works great thank you: $saved = $user->language; foreach($languages as $language) { $user->language = $language; echo "<a href='$page->url'>$language->title</a>"; } $user->language = $saved; What does the conditional statement look like if I don't have a different language only for that particular page? The snippet above will show the languages anyway, but point to the same URL, right? How can I avoid that and either link the customer to a hard coded page (such as /home) or just hide the options to switch lanugages on that page only? u-nikos, what was the final approach you chose for your project? Tks jw
  11. Wow.. Ryan, you're awesome and so is your CMS... I'm really loving how friendly and easy and at the same time crazy powerful it is. The attention you give to each person or thread here is also admirable. Thanks a lot, and let me know if you need help with anything "design related", although you seem to have it covered (great deisgn and UI everywhere), I'd be more than happy to help! Thanks again I'll try this approach and loop you in on how it went.
  12. Tks Diogo! Does anyone else have any idea on the best approach to develop a Multi Language site with different page roots, keeping it SEO friendly and totally manageable with the CMS? Tks!
  13. Hi Diogo, thanks for the quick answer! Oh my, this is yet another interesting approach, but it kind of defeats the reason behind the use of a CMS, which is to give our clients the ability to change structure and add content (and menus if necessary) as they go, trying to avoid hard coded snippets as much as possible. Another long term problem that I see is SEO, since you're using the same global template, elements such as "<html lang="pt">" don't change when you change languages and this may confuse search engines. Very smart approach though, tks a lot for sharing! Muito obrigado e parabéns pelo site, é simples mas muito eficiente (yep, I grew up in Brazil! ) Cheers! jw
  14. Hi Everone - I'm still a quite new to PW (currently using mostly CMS Made Simple) and loving it due to amazing flexibility it offers! My case is a little weird and despite being quite simple, I haven't quite yet figured out the best way to achieve this with PW. I have a simple website (6 pages only), that needs to offer content in two languages. The two versions have a similar sitemap, but not quite the same. In one of the languages there won't be the news section, the rest will be the same - but we would like to keep the structure independent from each other, so other pages can be added on each separately. Taking this in consideration, the "two roots" approach would probably the best one and I've been looking on how to do that in the last couple of days and found a lot of scattered information in the forums, for example: Using two separate roots: http://codeordie.posterous.com/multi-lingual-sites-with-the-processwire-cms Multi language Page names/URLS: http://processwire.com/talk/topic/2979-multi-language-page-names-urls/page-3 etc... Can someone help by pointing me out to one doc that has it all - if there is one? I've also looked around on the tutorials section, but wasn't too lucky. In my opinion, this doc should be something like this, should live withing Tutorials and stay fresh as Ryan develops new modules: =========================================================== Approach 1) Multilingual website with Same Pagetree a) How to install: this would be a great example http://processwire.com/talk/topic/2979-multi-language-page-names-urls/?p=33412 b) Language Switcher code examples: Some code examples on how to do that c) Conditional static elements (for templating purposes): If en then -> ... show this else -> show this... d) Special Cases: Hide page from tree in specific language (hide from menu and backend if possible) Remember what language user chose (cookie?) Static content blocks that are diferent based on language and aren't based on templates (ie: editable footers) Real examples: http://www.tripsite.comApproach 2) Multilingual website with Separate Pagetrees a) How to install: this would be a great example http://codeordie.posterous.com/multi-lingual-sites-with-the-processwire-cms (haven't found any reference in PW's forums) and it would be good to have an example that doens't need YAML. b) Language Switcher code examples: Some code examples on how to do that c) Conditional static elements (for templating purposes): If "en" then -> ... show this else -> show this.. d) Special Cases: Hide root reference form urls (en/about-us --> /about-us) Remember what language user chose (cookie?) Static content blocks that are diferent based on language and aren't based on templates (ie: editable footers) Real examples: ?=========================================================== Could somene help me getting this doc together to publich it in the tutorials section? I appologize if this got a little confusing. Thanks! jw
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