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  1. This... this is the best thing after a long shift... this is medicine. http://t.co/GKvNLZidca

  2. Random find while browsing the NY Times - interesting read http://t.co/CPgUUX6DYO

  3. I find myself getting very distracted jumping from editor to editor and tool to tool, so I've been trying to stick to one (for as long as I can avoid getting distracted, which isn't very long LOL). That said, I am currently experimenting with Atom but for most tasks I tend to use TextWrangler or gedit, and for big projects I use NetBeans or Eclipse.
  4. RT @drumshaman: My perspective on the #MODX "Community Concerns" thread http://t.co/E2b01ZqcX9

  5. RT @dalepartridge: A word of encouragement after failure is worth more than an hour of praise after success.

  6. RT @splittingred: My thoughts on #modx, the product, and the future of the project: http://t.co/napXMwCj7T

  7. RT @derbatzen: @brad_frost @chriscoyier I may be using it entirely wrong, but CMSs like Processwire just feel a lot more clean to me..

  8. RT @teppokoivula: ProcessWire weekly #3 is out right now with some pretty hot topics — core enhancements, 3rd party modules and more: http:…

  9. RT @apeisa: Another day, another huge feature for @processwire selector engine OR something: https://t.co/9VxHv2HXnB

  10. RT @apeisa: https://t.co/koN9C88TSn great new feature for ProcessWire PageTable: support for multiple templates!

  11. RT @owzim: To all @processwire lovers in #berlin: interested in a regular meetup? / @_marcusherrmann @derStadtpirat

  12. Fantastic work Kongondo!! Can't wait to try this, been wanting to add a blog to one of my existing PW sites so this is perfect timing Wicked awesome man! Thanks for sharing
  13. Excellent idea, I'm on the same page as you and currently working on processwirevideotutorials.com. Same idea, except that I'm thinking more along mini-series tutorials on different processwire topics from beginner to advanced topics. I know for sure I'd have appreciated video tutorials when learning my way around PW, so quite keen to create and share some with newbies I think all these resources will be great for bringing more people to PW and increasing it's reach. Rock on. Will share mine when it's up and running
  14. RT @teppokoivula: Second issue of "ProcessWire weekly" is out right now with latest news from the community: http://t.co/bi9JJtKUD3

  15. RT @teppokoivula: minimize.pw (@minimizepw) is an image compression service for #ProcessWire. Commercial, but free for small-scale use.

  16. RT @processwire: All ProFields are now available in the ProcessWire store: https://t.co/c4aV5Ru7r6 –coupon PWPFBETA gives you $20 discount …

  17. RT @mindeffects: ACE for #MODX is clean!False alarm. Sorry! The code just contained some words the scanners disliked, e.g. "keygen".So, …

  18. RT @mindeffects: I was hacked.Pleace check ACE!assets/components/ace/ace/mode-html.jsassets/components/ace/emmet/emmet.js#MODX

  19. RT @processwire: New module: Select File Fieldtype by @agrioTinus gives you a field that stores a filename from a folder – http://t.co/UqKd…

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