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  1. RT @LV_Sports: I just bring the determination to win. -LeBron James

  2. I just renewed 4 domains at http://t.co/f5egmrJzlv. The best checkout process and no upsells! http://t.co/FIQLHJGw5V #Namecheap

  3. CoursePress - Create and Sell Awesome Courses in WordPress for Free! - WPMU DEV http://t.co/LgtDIuSKpY

  4. Good link Nico. Didn't know that was there
  5. Looks like you're working from an Apache PHP MySQL stack on your computer. Make sure that you have mod_rewrite enabled. You may also need to set up virtual hosts, but check that mod_rewrite is enabled first
  6. "Don’t time travel into the past, roaming through the nuances as if they can change. Don’t bookmark pages that... http://t.co/NXgrzOGAB0

  7. "...life is long and very few paths are only one way. You will need to come around here again.A bridge... http://t.co/G4pB1oeuov

  8. RT @teppokoivula: ProcessWire weekly #8: latest core updates, Dynamic Roles by @rc_d and much more! http://t.co/8BTRWZrZkF #processwire #cms

  9. RT @processwire: New module: Pagination Textformatter by @rc_d enables splitting 1-page of text into multiple linked pages– https://t.co/8E…

  10. Python is an absolutely delicious programming language… I get all sorts of happy… #ilovepython

  11. RT @teppokoivula: It’s Saturday and ProcessWire weekly #6 is out. Check it out at http://t.co/s3qyEpBt28 #processwire #cms

  12. Darn!! I think I'm going to memorize this - love it! http://t.co/eyWkBjVyZM

  13. RT @AthIeteFitness: Even if you are on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there.

  14. "...remember that every new day is a new opportunity. You can't rest on yesterday's accomplishments, and you... http://t.co/LB6rok4r9r

  15. RT @derStadtpirat: It's like waiting for presents on christmas eve. Every Saturday until @teppokoivula releases a new @processwire weekly p…

  16. RT @teppokoivula: Another Saturday, another issue of ProcessWire weekly: http://t.co/onAVjnyWHZ #processwire #cms

  17. That's a great intro video. I may be interested once I start editing my screencasts and getting them ready for primetime
  18. In case you ever wondered about your spleen... exceptionally well done parody :)http://t.co/7nq7TKkcyK

  19. RT @AthIeteLife: The real glory is being knocked to your knees and then coming back. That's real glory. -Vince Lombardi

  20. RT @processwire: New module: Parsedown by @owzim –a Textformatter w/better markdown parser in PHP: http://t.co/CW0itCFyv3, see also: http:/…

  21. RT @teppokoivula: It’s Saturday again, which means that issue 4 of ProcessWire weekly is out: http://t.co/ynHVN7mRqa

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