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  1. Dear kongondo No problem at all. I'm not building anything yet, I don't know if I even could. I just had the same idea and found this post, so I wanted to ask what's going on. I took a look at other builders like Elementor, js_composer, YooTheme and others. But to get something to work really well, it has to be a destinct solution for ProcessWire in the end. That takes a lot of time and skill, but it would bring ProcessWire to a lower threshold for users. I think a builder would only make sense, if you finally could dynamically load fields and use selectors to get data for your builder elements like YooTheme is doing. I personally would do it for a commercial use, but I don't think it's viable. Thanks
  2. Hey guys I wanted to ask what the state of the Page Builder is. I had the same thought a Builder would be great for the accessability of ProcessWire to more casual or professional users. I doesn't make sense though to invest a lot of time programming such a thing, when someone else is doing it already. Regards, Simon
  3. Solution The problem was that the function renderCheckActions() was not triggered by the ukComments function. I put in following solution and it works for me: $commentList = new Commentlist($comments); $out = $commentList->renderCheckActions();
  4. Update The problem seems to occur only with the UIKit install profile. When I include the form with the normal <?php echo $page->comments->renderAll(); ?> it works. The comment section with echo ukComments($comments); and echo ukCommentForm($comments); have the problem.
  5. For comments you can enable an admin notification email. That works for me. What's not working are the actions, that come with the email. Namely Approve a comment or Disable Notifications. I have a fresh install of 3.0.165. The unsub link parameter looks ok like: ?comment_success=unsub&subcode=3c1Kl3U8vleTFQ4pjpC_sIwLrqqK9VAUsspaaLlD The approval link looks like: ?field=comments&page_id=1597&code=msmoOqZ5cQhmmarWOzCIjSx1C3ICY8HUDVDaR29VlrnelCJeypmGzOG26nM7FJ_9VfqnTqbEORol4dmjjnHcLD9zT4HoQThVokY4N6ST5K2SDm_TpmyY8uZFR_zcsFxC&comment_success=approve The problem is none of the actions work for me. There is no error anywhere in the logs though, so I'm blind. Does anyone have any insight on this? It seems like I only can change the comment notification directly in the database now.
  6. i looked at it briefly at some point. As far as I know, you need a SSO solution for that like SAML.
  7. Has this been solved? I wish to know the solution.
  8. I made a quick test to try the different options to get an instance of WireMail. Like https://processwire.com/api/ref/wire-mail/ tells us, there are three options: $m = $mail->new(); // option A $m = wireMail(); // option B $m = new WireMail(); // option C With WireMailMailGun installed, option A and B are going out with WireMailMailGun. Option C uses the native WireMail. So for anyone using WireMailMailGun and wanting to send mails outside of MailGun, new WireMail() is the way to go.
  9. The Tracking of Mailgun did not work on my installation. I had to change the following: private function clickTracking() { return ($this->trackClicks == 1) ? true : false; } private function openTracking() { return ($this->trackOpens == 1) ? true : false; } Don't know why it's a problem though. I'm using ProcessWire 3.0.123.
  10. How can I separate the api $mail->new call to the default wireMail when the MailGun Module is installed? I use MailGun for the ProMailer Module, but have a few instances on the site, where mails are sent through the API. For instance the contact form now is using mailgun as well, but I don't want that. Is there an option to set the mailer to the default wireMail?
  11. How do I inline the css of the HTML Email? Is there a best practise with ProMailer? Other tools like Campagin Monitor or MailChimp use a css inliner.
  12. If you used the install process at some point there appears a message, that the database has fields that get overwritten. In fact it is very red and clear. If you followed the process through, you deleted your existing templates in the database. Time to import a database backup I guess.
  13. Did you have a look at https://processwire.com/docs/start/install/upgrade/ for the upgrade? I suggest you add $config->debug = true; to your config.php to get more specific alerts.
  14. The template files in /site/templates are for the frontend. The templates in the backend are created in the Processwire backend and are written into the database. You then assign the frontend template to the backend template. If you have no templates in your backend appearing, it means that they are not found in the database. So your problem may be the database.
  15. Yes I see. It depends on what notifications you want to have and who you want to notify. I ultimately made it with an additional field on the page the user created. That field stores a MD5 Hash of the page content. When there is a change in the content, the hash changes. On the users dashboard I compare the page hash with the saved hash, if they differ, the user gets notified. When the user loads the page, his hash gets updated.
  16. How did you do it in the end? I'm thinking about how to implement such a feature as well. But instead of additional fields I'm thinking to save some variables in the user session and compare them with the actual data. I have to do some more research to see if that really is an option.
  17. Thanks kongondo It is indeed as simple. Both version work actually. $p = $pages->get(1234); $p->of(false); $p->page_reference_field->add(1111); // add another page by id $p->save();
  18. Is there a way to manipulate Reference Page Fields by the API? I want users to add page reference items to the field, but found no information about it. The other option I see is using Repeaters instead and save the page id of the referenced page in the repeater field. But creating or deleting the Reference Page field would be nicer. There is no automatic update of the id in the repeater, in case of a change to the referenced page. Any solutions? Cheers Simon
  19. I forgot about the max and min dimensions I defined for that imagefield. Would be nice, if there was a message "Not in image dimensions" or such. I removed the min and max from the field and it worked for me.
  20. Hey AndZyk Thanks for the tipp about the quick-tree, totally missed that. Of course it's preference and it's interesting to hear from others how they perceive it. The long click action to change the language on a page is a great feature, but I stumbled over it by accident. I will read some more about them, don't know what the other actions are. Regards, Simon
  21. In terms of the page tree, I took a look around some other CMSs and I've come to a first conclusion. I would like to have the page tree in a sidebar, but not all the time, because a clean Interface is key. I'm more for the option to blend it in like the offcanvas Concrete5 does. If we want to keep the mouseover menu, enough space is necessary, more than in the image below. On the majority of the systems a click on the page name opens the page to edit. Even if it is a parent page. Drag and drop to move pages are just implemented and don't use a additional click. I like the approach of the neos backend there, a click opens the page to edit. Dragging a page just happens naturally. The accordion is activated with a specific icon, not by clicking on the page name.
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