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Found 9 results

  1. Is there a way to manipulate Reference Page Fields by the API? I want users to add page reference items to the field, but found no information about it. The other option I see is using Repeaters instead and save the page id of the referenced page in the repeater field. But creating or deleting the Reference Page field would be nicer. There is no automatic update of the id in the repeater, in case of a change to the referenced page. Any solutions? Cheers Simon
  2. Hi there! And thanks for Processwire! Another bug found for fields of type FieldtypePage. There's a "custom find" section in the "input" tab allowing to select several conditions for finding pages which will be included into thepages listing. This feature doesn't find any page. Tried to use "template" and "id" conditions, always no result. Fortunately, the "template + additional templates" section works fine. My PW is 3.0.77. Hope that helps, and thanks in advance!
  3. Hi all, I am creating a page field (field of type FieldtypePage) via the API, however im still trying to find some documentation as to how I would go about setting the Selectable Pages for said field using the API. From what I have found it looks like it involves the use of, albeit this looks like a getter rather than a setter: $field->getInputfield($page) Which looks like it would make sense if I wanted to specify the selectable pages by a parent page, but what if I wanted to specify it by say a template?
  4. Dear all, I have a presumably simple question, which I simply can't find the answer for. I need to programatically add a page to a FieldtypePage field. I tried the following: $page->a_field_of_fieldtype_page->add($anotherPage); but without success. Can anybody help?
  5. [Posted this in another post, but realized it's doesn't really pertain to it, so I've moved it to this new topic -- again sorry] Hi Ryan (and everyone else!), Just starting using PW and I'm loving it... I've got a site build that requires a bunch of CSV loading and would like some help with API Importing, as I am running into some glitches with page fields. So far I have a bunch of CSVs that work fine with my php code, but I have one that crashes, unless I put in the pageID. I think it may be something larger as I have tried using both BatchChildEditor & ImportPagesCSV modules with a modified CSV, and both get the same error as my code. So, here's my code, it does the following: Reads a page field to get CSV filename Reads 1st row of file to figure out what template and parent to use Reads 2nd row for field titles Processes the remaining rows as data, it also echoes out what it is doing -- not elegant, but it's only for my use // If no filename exit if ($wire->page->getUnformatted('section_slogan') == '') throw new Wire404Exception(); // File Pointer $myfile = "http://" . $config->httpHost . $config->urls->templates . "loaders/" . $wire->page->getUnformatted('csvfilename'); $content = "<p>Using Loader File '{$myfile}'</p><hr/>"; // Read The Data File if (($handle = fopen("$myfile", "r")) !== FALSE) { // Get the Setup Info if (($data = fgetcsv($handle, 0, ",")) !== FALSE) { $myTemplate = $templates->get("$data[0]"); $myParent = $wire->pages->get("path='$data[1]'"); if (($myTemplate->id == 'NullPage') || ($myParent->id == 'NullPage')){ throw new Wire404Exception(); } } else { throw new Wire404Exception(); } // Setup the parent $newItem = new Page(); $newItem->template = $myTemplate; // Tell User what's going on: $content .= "<p>Adding New Pages based on the '{$newItem->template->name}' template to parent '{$myParent->title}' path: '{$myParent->path}'</p><hr/>"; // List out the fields in the template $num = count($newItem->fields); $content .= "<p> $num fields in template</p><ol>"; foreach($newItem->fields as $itemfd) { $content .= "<li>" . $itemfd->name . "</li>"; } $content .= "</ol><hr/>"; // Read header record and match-up fields to template $fieldmatchup = ''; if (($data = fgetcsv($handle, 0, ",")) !== FALSE) { $num = count($data); for ($c=0; $c < $num; $c++) { foreach($newItem->fields as $itemfd) { if($data[$c] == $itemfd->name) { $fieldmatchup[$itemfd->name] = $c; } } } } // Show the File's Field Array $content .= "<p>Display the Field Array</p><ul>"; foreach($fieldmatchup as $item_key => $item_value) { $content .= "<li>['" . $item_key . "'] = '" . $item_value . "'</li>"; } $content .= "</ul><hr/><h4>Reading File</h4><hr/>"; // Now add the data $row = 0; $newItem = ''; while (($data = fgetcsv($handle, 0, ",")) !== FALSE) { $num = count($data)-1; $row++; $mySel = "parent=" . $myParent->id . ", title='" . $data[$fieldmatchup['title']] . "'"; $dupPage = $wire->pages->get($mySel); if($dupPage->id == 'NullPage') { $content .= "<p>newItem (" . $mySel . ")<br/><b>-- Creating from File</b>.</p>\n"; // Setup blank WireArray based on a template $newItem = new Page(); $newItem->template = $myTemplate; $newItem->title = $data[$fieldmatchup['title']]; $newItem->parent = $myParent; $newItem->save(); } else { $content .= "<p>Duplicate Found (" . $mySel . ")<br/><b>-- Updating from File</b>.</p>\n"; $newItem = $dupPage; } $content .= "<p> {$num} fields in record {$row}: <br /></p>\n"; $newItem->of(false); foreach($newItem->fields as $itemfd) { $key = $itemfd->name; if ($key != 'title') { $value = $data[$fieldmatchup[$key]]; $content .= "[{$key}] = [{$value}]<br />\n"; $newItem->set($key, $value); } } $newItem->save(); $content .= "<b>-- Saved: </b> <a target='_blank' href='" . $newItem->editUrl . "'>" . $newItem->title . " [" . $newItem->id . "]</a><hr/>"; } fclose($handle); } $content .= "<b>{$row} records added/updated</b>"; And here's a sample of data that works: (associated_stat & special_category are page fields) skill,"/systems/sol/" title,associated_stat,multiplier,special,special_category,body Alien Archeology,Int,4,,,"Skill description" Alien Tech,Tech,4,,,"Skill description" Alien Weapons,Ref,4,1,Weapons,"Skill description" And the file that's giving me issues:(pc_role_category, associated_book, sa_skill are page fields, career_skills is a multiple page field) cp-role,"/systems/sol/" title,pc_role_category,associated_book,page_no,verified_via,sa_skill,career_skills,body "Merc","Combat Related","Book Name","8","Book Review","Combat Zen","Athletics|Alien Tech|Drive|Shoot","Role Description" It's the associated_book field that's giving me the issue, if I blank it or put in the PageID it works, but with anything else it errors out with this: Fatal Error Call to a member function __unset() on boolean search Source File: ...\core\wire\modules\Fieldtype\FieldtypePage.module:439 431: if($value instanceof Page) { 432: // ok 433: } else if($value instanceof PageArray) { 434: $value = $value->first(); 435: } else if(is_string($value) || is_int($value)) { 436: $value = $this->sanitizeValueString($page, $field, $value); 437: if($value instanceof PageArray) $value = $value->first(); 438: if($value->_FieldtypePage_remove === $value->id) { 439: $value->__unset('_FieldtypePage_remove'); 440: $value = null; // remove item 441: } 442: } So, looking at this field, and the associated page template, everything is setup the same as all the other page fields, except that the page template in question (books) has a field that references a page field (associated_system) that I'm not even referencing, so I'm not sure if that's the culprit or not, but that is the only thing that separated this template from the others is this custom label code and that the pages are outside of the parent: And yes, I've removed the custom label and it still has the same error. With my luck it's something simple, but I can't see it... Any help would be appreciated
  6. The "Allow new pages to be created from field?" option is great for site editors, but you can really only allow this if the template used in your Page field only needs the Title filled out. If your template requires other fields then editors need to leave the page they are editing and create a new page from the tree or from "Add New". It would be cool if there was an option to add new pages to the Page field via a modal window (like the one you get if you allow edit links for the field).
  7. I came across this earlier <https://processwire.com/talk/topic/5673-how-to-assign-users-to-page-field/?p=65747> and thanks to Soma I worked around it. I just came across it in a different context and forgot and spun my wheels. Unless I'm really misunderstanding, there's a defect in the lack of symmetry between using TypefieldPage in selectors in the $pages->find() vs. PageArray->find() and there should not be. Plainly, the following code should not behave like it does. The find() against the PageArray should return the same result but doesn't in the 1st example using name instead of ID. // a problem with TypefieldPage in selectors $selector = 'tags=plain'; echo "using \$selector : {$selector}\n"; $res = wire('pages')->find( $selector ); echo "using \$pages->find : {$res->count()}\n"; $res1 = $res->find( $selector ); echo "using pageArray->find : {$res1->count()}\n"; // versus $tag = wire('pages')->findOne( 'template=tag,name=plain' ); $selector = "tags={$tag->id}"; echo "using \$selector : {$selector}\n"; $res = wire('pages')->find( $selector ); echo "using \$pages->find : {$res->count()}\n"; $res1 = $res->find( $selector ); echo "using pageArray->find : {$res1->count()}\n"; /* output: using $selector : tags=plain using $pages->find : 1 using pageArray->find : 0 using $selector : tags=1343 using $pages->find : 1 using pageArray->find : 1 */ It's because the find/matches/(filter) methods work differently in Pages than in PageArray. I don't think this should be so. FYI, in this case, I'm building a form where tags can be assigned as a filter. It works well using tag->name if the filtering is against $pages, but not if it's against the results of $pages->find(), which I need because I need 2 layers of filtering. On to using tag->id... Did I mention I freeeekin' loooove pw? I do I do!
  8. I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this or if this could be seen as a feature request. Maybe it is possible to solve it with a Process module instead. It would be nice to be able to query the FieldtypePage and filter it on a timestamp. /** * Return the database schema in predefined format * */ public function getDatabaseSchema(Field $field) { $schema = parent::getDatabaseSchema($field); $schema['data'] = 'int NOT NULL'; $schema['keys']['data'] = 'KEY data (data, pages_id, sort)'; return $schema; } The extra column i'm thinking about would be named 'added' and would work the same as the 'modified' field used in pages for example. $schema['added'] = 'timestamp NOT NULL default CURRENT_TIMESTAMP'; In this way every time you add a Page to a InputfieldPage the timestamp is automaticly set to the current date and time and saved to the database. With this extra column it should be possible to get pages added to a InputfieldPage field on a certain date and time, or after/before a certain date and time. For example if you have a friends, incomming friends, outgoing friends list with Users, with this extra field it will become possible to show new added friends (or incomming request) after last login. It would be a small addition to the already available FieldtypePage, does'nt take much space in the database but gives some extra benefits for the usage. I have tried to Make two custom modules for this, namely FieldtypePageTimestamp and InputfieldPageTimestamp but somehow it wouldnt display any variables (name,title,etc..) of the pages anymore. Could be because these are core and are completely interwoven, not sure. I have thought about a custom process module but that would just bring a lot of overhead of data and processing with it. Atleast in the way i was thinking it should have 3 extra fields, for page id, linked page id and timestamp. So that might not be the way to go.
  9. Hello, I have a fieldtype Page named 'category' in my pages. I want to find pages from several categories like this: $teaser=$pages->find("template=video,category.id=17|19|23,sort=-created"); This works great. Now I try the same thing on "my own" pageArray: $sql = "select distinct video from views order by created desc"; $result = wire('db')->query($sql); $bw = new PageArray; while($row = $result->fetch_array()) { if($video = $pages->get($row['video'])->id) $bw->add($video); } $teaser=$bw->filter("template=video,category.id=17|19|23"); ... now $teaser contains nothing. It works well when I leave out "category.id=[...]" in the filter ... Can anyone help? Thanks, thomas
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