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  1. For the record I finally ended just adding this to MAMP httpd.conf , restarted MAMP/Apache and it works: <Directory "C:\Users\Fred\sites\mywebsite"> AllowOverride All /Directory> Thanks for help!
  2. Just installed locally on Windows 10 and MAMP. Installation went fine, but not the admin page. I used a virtualhost and load my site like this: local.mywebsite.com. Frontpage work fine, but httptp://local.mywebsite.com/processwire/gives a 404 error. My virtualhost in MAMP apache config is set like that, and MAMP is running on port 80. <VirtualHost *:80> DocumentRoot "C:\Users\Fred\sites\mywebsite" ServerName local.mywebsite.com </VirtualHost> I also added the following in windows hosts file, at the end: local.mywebsite.com Any idea why the admin page dont load? Edit: if this could help, every other subpages dont works either. Ex. http://local.mywebsite.com/about/
  3. Quick question about this code insert instruction.. do I have to replace $page with something else? $map = $modules->get('MarkupGoogleMap'); echo $map->render($page, 'map'); ````````` In the above, $page is the Page object that has the 'map' field. Rreplace 'map' with the name of your FieldtypeMap field
  4. What with MarkupGoogleMap module also.. is it still required. I get an error trying to update.
  5. My API key is configured correctly in FieldtypeMapMarker. I have the same problem than kbutler64 tough... Saying that Google maps did not load correctly on each map. These are the error I get in Chrome inspector: util.js:221 Google Maps JavaScript API warning: NoApiKeys https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/error-messages#no-api-keys lw.m @ util.js:221 util.js:221 Google Maps JavaScript API warning: SensorNotRequired https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/error-messages#sensor-not-required lw.m @ util.js:221 As requested by the module document, i added this line in the head: <script type='text/javascript' src='https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?sensor=false'></script> Google now says it's not required.. I also notice this code,required by Google API, it not loaded in the page. <script async defer src="https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?key=YOUR_API_KEY&callback=initMap" type="text/javascript"></script> What should I do?
  6. ?‍♂️ Great it works now! P.S Perhaps it should added to the readme of the plugin.
  7. It's here at the end of the page. It's including itself with the plugin . But I added this at the end of my search.php template whihc was missing. <?php if(!$config->ajax) include("./head.inc"); echo $out; if(!$config->ajax) include("./foot.inc"); ?> Still nothing shows up!
  8. Installed on version 3.0.87, default minimal site profile. I added the correct id in the _head template, but nothing happen when typing.
  9. Hi guys! Is there a module or a tutorial to get a front-end autocomplete search without intensive development?
  10. Hi all! I have ProcessWire 3.0.42 installed with a lot of content. How can I install this bootstrap profile over it? Cheers Fred
  11. The admin theme is pretty cool... but with all respect due to the creators.. it'due for a redesign as for the look, and even usability. And there not a lot of themes for 3.x + version of PCW. A contest would be great!
  12. I want to have both things linked. Because in the backend it would be simplier for entering the data.
  13. I am not sure I get it.. You mean make the integer value field invisible if the the unlimited checkbox is checked?
  14. @fbg13 About the checkbox.. is there any way I could link it to the minutes field so there are related?
  15. Nice, I am installing the module right now! How come it cames in 2 separates modules? I see InputfieldChosenSelect and InputfieldChosenSelectMultiple in my new modules list.
  16. Already have it. I use it with ASM select. But I like the tagging interface of inputfieldchosenselect!
  17. Or both? I know that pages relations is pretty much supported in processwire. But I am wondering if just going for parent-child in creating my content is ok for my needs because my content is hierarchical. I have 3 major entities in my project. It looks pretty much like this: Phone companies > Services type (phone plan, internet plan, tv plans) > Plans for each service (starter, intermediate, advanced) The most critical part of the site will be to display plans according to options choosed in a filter. There will be a lot of options according to fields! There will be a page with all companies listing and each of them will have pages with there plans and services too. According to my needs, should I add page relation fields to them tor just makes pages in a hierarchical parent-child way?
  18. I beleive this module is only for choosing pages. Is there a similar module for normal values?
  19. Is this module compatible with 3.x versions of PCW?
  20. Hey Ryan. Is ot ok to reuse your skyscraper template, code and visual design, for a project of mine?

  21. Thanks @AndZyk Do you know if I am autorised to re-use all the code and visual for another project of mine?
  22. @fbg13 Great explanation! If I understand you well, both strategy will leave me extra code on frontend. So I think I prefer the extra checkbox more, because I like the fact that it's clear in the backend for end users that the plan is unlimited (and not -1 min). To prevent error I could probaly add a validation in PCW backend so checking the Unlimited min. field would make the user unable to enter something in the Minutes field. Cheers!
  23. What do you mean by having a checkbox that ignores the number of minutes when checked? Will entering -1 for a numeric field gives me the ability to sort it as the biggest number possible?
  24. I am wondering what strategy I should choose for building a field which can have unlimited value and then should be correctly sorted with a filter on frontend side. This is not my concrete case, but i'ts a similar example : Suppose a cellular phone plan. The phone plan have a template with a field called 'Minutes included with the plan'. The number of minute can from 0 to unlimited. How would you handle the unlimited value?
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