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  1. Thank you, I finally got around to doing this. I was able to combine in || $template->fieldgroup->has('meta_description') as well, and left out the , meta_title='' so you can see them all, empty or otherwise. Only minor oddity remaining is that all the filters generated by this script load in an open position, and you get an odd js glitch when you try to close them the first time - but beggars can't be choosers!
  2. Sorry I should've been clearer. I used the latest version, ie part of Processwire (3.0.1xx) The gifs etc were very big, memory limit was 128M I think. I can't tell you the exact size because I told the person editing the page to make them (much) smaller and reupload. Of course, I can increase the memory and decrease the filesize but the problem was more about being unable to get back into the page without uninstalling the module
  3. In this day and age I feel like the responsive option should be enabled by default! I nearly didn't notice it. How tricky would it be to pass on parameters like ?loop=1 in the URL?
  4. When I enabled this, a page with a rather oversized gif ran out of memory saving, and then proceeded to return a 500 on the front and back-end 🤪
  5. That looks great @Robin S thanks! Would this work with ListerPro as well?
  6. Yeah I absolutely can narrow it down in other ways, its just that if this worked I would have something I could use on any site without modifying the templates checked each time, or having this extra step to check when finishing a site. I build quite a lot of ProcessWire sites so I'm making templates more often than most! I really appreciate the input though, I will make do with what I have for now. Maybe @ryan could weigh in on this one day 🙂
  7. No need to apologise I really appreciate the assistance! Is this still in custom (field=value)? My field exists in about 7/10 templates, when I do meta_title= I get all pages with or without the field.
  8. Hi @dragan thanks for the response, I think I'm misunderstanding or doing it wrong, empty fields are now being excluded. To clarify my field is meta_title - this is what I've done As you can see it matches 14 pages but there should be 16, also the number doesn't change whether using OR or AND
  9. I'd like a bookmark in the admin to a page list of pages that have a "meta title" field, so that you can quickly see which pages need updating. Without just limiting all the templates that have the field, I want something a bit more future-proof. Is this possible? If so how? I don't want to check if its empty or not equal to anything, as it would also serve to review what is there. I have ListerPro as well but can't see how to do it with either.
  10. This seems like one of the nicest, cleanest methods to do this, but for me it doesn't work. I end up on this page instead The Url is /manage/settings but when I click it I'm redirected to /manage/settings/bookmarks What am I doing wrong?
  11. I worked it out while putting the code in this post and trying to remove parts til it works. I had part of my filter like this if(isset($request)) { $filter .= 'price>=".(int) $request['min'].', price<='.(int) $request['max'].', beds>='.(int) $request['beds'].', property_type='.(int) $request['property_type']; } As it turns out, you can't put line breaks in your filter like this! They obviously didn't show up in var_dump or the browser when echoed, so I missed this.
  12. Ok so this is a bit odd, I have actually been doing this: $properties = $pages->find("$filter"); Which is not filtering results properly. However, if I echo out $filter then manually paste the result into the find instead (so it looks more like my example in the first post), it works...?? If I var_dump $filter, it's just a string... I have tried it with and without quotes
  13. Sorry yes, it's not that removing price<=99999.. changes the result, but that nothing changes the result except that Like you say, I am returning all properties, including type 1, type 3, blank type etc., when it should only be type 2. The limit isn't even working, it's returning all 10 properties.
  14. Can anyone tell me why I get all results from the selected template on this search, only the max price (price<=999999) changes the number of results returned. Otherwise, all properties are returned despite there being lots of different values I'm sure its something really simple $pages->find("template=property,start=0,price>=0, price<=9999999, beds>=1, property_type=2,limit=3,sort=created")
  15. As always I work this out after 30 mins of trying, but always 2 mins after posting on a forum 😛 It was because the field type must be float decimal, (see below!). Funnily enough it works fine if it's Text, until you hit a negative number. I will leave this up for anyone who makes the same mistake as me.
  16. Hello I'm having an issue with filtering on a negative longitude value. My search filter looks like this (decimal places have been shortened for the example) $pages->find("template=skyscraper,longitude>=-0.1011,longitude<=0.0708,limit=10,sort=created"); Now lets say I have two pages, one has a longitude of 0.05, this one is found. Another has a longitude of -0.05, this one is not found, even though -0.05 is still greater than -0.1011...
  17. Are there any plans to officially make this compatible with 3.x? At the moment there's quite a few issues. When editing the field itself, it constantly says error geocoding address. In a page containing the field in the CMS it says the same on save, and it also says "REQUEST DENIED" under the map on load. To actually place a pin requires searching and then focusing off the box, pressing return will save the page but not update the marker.
  18. Actually when I got access to the subforum for it, the latest version from there (but not the one emailed to me when I purchased) has a module for discount codes. It is super basic though... but a good insight into how to actually set it up. I think maybe for our use at the moment, Padloper is not going to be user-friendly enough for the clients that we would hand the reigns over too. However, it is clearly a great comprehensive system that I would happily use internally or personally.
  19. I have just purchased Padloper on the basis above, is this still correct though? I cannot see how to add a Discount Code at all.
  20. Thank you @kongondo - even though I had already worked out what to do, it's always good to understand why you had to do it!
  21. Max files is 1. I set it to Single Item to see if that would change anything and it did not. Before that it was set to Automatic which the description suggests should be the same anyway. I am outside a module context if that affects it, this is just a file outside the template entirely that I am calling with ajax.
  22. Ok, I've sort of resolved this... but I'm still confused. I've seen plenty of examples where people have guessed "you've got an array of images, not a single image," however I am certain this is not the case. My image field is set to "1" image, if I upload another, it's replaced. However in my example above, I either had to iterate through with foreach($resource->image as $image) Or use echo $resource->image->first->size(310,200)->url; Can anyone explain to me why this is? It seems counter to what I understand.
  23. I have a file I want to access with ajax: The purpose of this file is to iterate through a repeater, and get the image from each entry. The number of images in the image field is set to 1, and just for good measure, to return a single image. And my code: // site/ajax/processImage.ajax.php?group=1206 require_once($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'/index.php'); $resourceGroup = (int) $_REQUEST['group']; // get the Repeater field $resources = $pages->get($resourceGroup)->resources; foreach ($resources as $resource) { echo $resource->title; // Works as expected echo $resource->image->url; // /site/assets/files/1259/ echo $resource->image; // filename.jpg echo $resource->image->description; // nothing } See comments above for what is output, why isn't URL giving me a full URL, and no description is available? If I try to access $image->size() I get the following fatal error: Error: Uncaught exception 'ProcessWire\WireException' with message 'Method Pageimages::size does not exist or is not callable in this context' in F:\sites\<sitename>\wire\core\Wire.php:519
  24. After I installed this, I couldn't upload anything, all images failed to upload and the console output Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET for each. After uninstalling, image uploads work again ProcessWire ver 3.0.89
  25. I have a use case, I wouldn't say it's necessarily "good" A client asked me to link one item in a list of siblings to another site. They didn't want to scrap the content, they wanted the title and intro to remain on the listing page, they just wanted to redirect instead of going through to the detail page. That meant I couldn't just put a redirect in the template, instead I added them a new field. An easy fix of course, I just couldn't figure out at first why jumplinks wasn't working for my purpose til I saw a post further up this page. Now, as I've just seen your roadmap, I will happily rescind my request anyway as I see you've got a long list of plans already!
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