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  1. @teppo Thanks! I only cant find that thread. Via the module page, this board is linked. Could you let me know where to find the correct board? I did some investigation and found out that the AdminUIkit uses a different way (or at least code) to populate the breadcrumb. For that reason the standard way to remove them doesn't work. To be able to manipulate the output, I used a hook. $this->addHookAfter('AdminThemeUikit::renderBreadcrumbs', function(HookEvent $event) { // Get the object the event occurred on, if needed $AdminThemeUikit = $event->object; // Populate back return value, if you have modified it $event->return = $return; });
  2. So, somehow I got it fixed, by changing the Default Map Tile Provider in the field setting. Somehow the default OpenStreetMap.Mapnik doesnt work for me.
  3. Thanks! So this works for all pages except: /your-admin/page/add/ . Somehow this page is using a different "breadcrumb". Any ideas? @monchu @adrian
  4. So using the dev version, the geo coding is working. (also when you add a key to the google geo call). But I now run into an issue where the map is grey out in the "edit page" set-up. I cant fill in an address either as the input field is disabled. @hellomoto mentioned this issue before. Did you got a chance to fix it? @Mats ay pointers?
  5. I have the same issue. Installed it as per the guidelines, but it throwing me the same issue.
  6. Hi all, As I want to make full use of all the features build standard in the Admin, I'm currently creating a custom dashboard for user so they can add and edit pages. These user may only acces their own created pages and of course add new once using 1 restricted template. For this I use Admin Restrict Page Tree module. This is working as expected, page tree and page tab is not visible. But I found a bug which I cant seem to solve: As said the user has the ability to add a page. On this add page, the breadcrumbs are shown. If a user would click, it will open the page tree on /admin/page/list/. This should also be not visible, but it still is. I cant seem to restrict this page. Same goes also for the admin/page/add/ (showing all the parent page, while the user should only be to see the one page I offer him to edit.) - this one is more difficult and I could except if this was not possible. Any pointers would help!
  7. @BitPoet One additional error I see: when using embed methode c, the JS is not triggered, this posting the form when clicking on add row. I'm checking it currently but havent found the problem yet. Added this the init $this->addHookAfter('Page::render', $this, 'addScripts'); This as a function public function addScripts($event) { $page = $event->object; if($page->template == 'admin') return; $additionalHeadScripts = '<script type="text/javascript" src="'.wire('config')->urls->siteModules.'FormBuilderMultiplier/FormBuilderMultiplier.js"></script>'; $event->return = str_replace("</head>", $additionalHeadScripts.'</head>', $event->return); } And commented/removed the current JS append to get this fixed.
  8. Hi @BitPoet, Thanks! Some additonal pointer: on an older version (3.0.36) I dont see this fatal error, but the increment still isnt working. The below mentioned isnt working for me either on this older version. See the form initially starts with their "normal" ID/Name as been set in the settings This works only if I add if($child->name) $child->name .= "_1"; If I do this, then the increment is working perfectly. Problem I face then is that none of the entries fields are filled with values 🙂 I'm also looking into that. Fixed that by adding this same line to the populate hook: if($child->name) $child->name .= "_1";
  9. Hi @BitPoet, I have tried your module and ran into a few error: 1. The "multiplied" rows are not getting the _NUM suffic for name and ID. Only on the label its adding #2 2. And Fatal error is thrown when checking the entries. This is within the ToPopulate function. If I Escape this row the error is gone. (I'm on the latest dev PW version) //$hid->label = _("Number of rows"); 3. When I can view the data in entries -> the multiplier doestn have a value and the orginal has the filled in value of the original. Probably caused by 1.
  10. Hi @adrian, Thanks! That did the trick. Cheers
  11. Hi @Ferdi Derksen, Thanks. Tried it, and its still not working. I also checked the code and concluded that the somehow the addHookAfter is not triggered, when using the $page->save via the API. I work when using the backend save. Not sure if this is expected behaviour?
  12. Hi @Ferdi Derksen, I installed your module on our test location and it works like a charm. Just one additional question. Would it be possible to execute the same code when a page is created and saved via the (API) $page->save. I added $p->publish_to_twitter = 1; before the $page->save and removed the wire()->input->post->id, but when I open the page just created, the check box is checked, but the page is not (yet) tweeted. Only if I click on save manually again its tweeted. Any idea what I need to amend in the code to get this working? Cheers
  13. Questions on this module. I seem to have issues with dynamic parameters in the url. /test/test?utm=test is catching a 404 and not redirect although this is set-up in the redirect module like: /test/test -> /newtest/newtest
  14. And you are right. In that case I would definitely go for a different approach. The one you mention from ryan is indeed also doing the trick. One thing to mention though on this is that this code isnt taking into account a certain status of the page the Option values it's been used at. I have certain pages that are for instance unpublished, hidden or even have custom status, that i've created myself, those would also be taking into account whereas for the other code I can make that exception on the selector.
  15. Again thanks for your help @Zeka. I wasn't aware of the each() function, so that help alot! Just to be clear on the above reactions, with the country list example I just wanted to point out an example of a large dataset. I wasnt looking for a country list itself. But if I need it in the future, I'll have some great pointers on how to upload them ;-) Next to that if you are really stubborn person (like I am ;-) and still want to utilize the fieldtype options for this, use this code: $options = $fieldtypes->get('FieldtypeOptions')->getOptions('xyz'); $options->each(function($item) { $count = wire('pages')->count('template=basic, xyx='.$item.''); if($count) { echo "<li>{$item->title} ({$count})</li>"; } });
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