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  1. @Sergio Coming across this, did you ever have the chance to finish the FlySystem adapter? Would be incredibly useful to be able to read from and write to cloud storage.
  2. Same problem, copying the admin.php template to create a a custom admin template with additional fields does not work unfortunately. The old admin theme steps in. Edit: Found a possible reason for this bug, but no way to fix it yet. The problem could rely in line 140 in core/admin.php: $initFile = $config->paths->adminTemplates . 'init.php'; With the default site/templates/admin.php file that value points to: /wire/modules/AdminTheme/AdminThemeUikit/init.php When using a custom admin template the value points to: /wire/templates-admin/init.php which then loads the wrong files.
  3. Hey @kongondo, I just purchased your media manager module, thank you for providing it. As far as I can see it works, but it looks broken with AdminThemeUiKit. When I bought it I was expecting it to look like in the screenshots. Now I don't want to show it to the client like that. Do you have a V12-beta I can use? Also when I upload mp4 videos I get an error saying "filetype not allowed", although mp4 is in the list of allowed extensions. Is this aknown error?
  4. @joshuag Are there any updates on this awesome module already? Can't wait to try it.
  5. This looks really, reeally great. Would be an incredibly powerful addition to ProcessWire. Can I sign up for beta-testing? ?
  6. Hello everyone, I was wondering if it could be possible to change the page template on the fly in init.php (the file that gets prepended to my actual template), e.g. using $page->template = 'my-other-template'; // does not work for me $page->set('template', 'my-other-template'); // does not work either My scenario is the following: I have a calculator using the calculator template. If all required GET parameters are set it should show the result of the calculator. If not it should show the page content, which is an explanation how the calculator works and some input fields. That information should not be shown when the results are show. Now I could put everything in one template and use a couple of conditions to achieve that, but "redirecting" the template seems cleaner to me. Is that possible somehow? Best regards Alex
  7. I just tried the repeater solution but as you always have to add at least one item to see the input fields it's really not a solution. It's just not easy enough for the end users as they do not see the field immediately. In my opinion we would need something that looks like the fieldset-type (maybe even with an option to show it as seperate tab instead of fieldset) and behaves like the repeater (one field, that contains several other fields). Would it in your opinion make sense to replace the FieldtypeFieldset with a new FieldtypeGroup?
  8. Indeed, I somehow missed that the first time I read through the topic. So the repeater field type pretty much does already what we need, and would just need some behavioral changes (pick a template, don't repeat), is that right? Apart from that it seems the repeater field is not that popular. @tpr for example said, he would not mind getting rid of the field altogether. (https://processwire.com/talk/topic/13112-the-possibility-to-specify-a-maximum-item-limit-for-a-repeater-field/?do=findComment&comment=118691) As far as I have read that is because it does not scale so well. Would that still be a proplem if we only have a 1-to-1 mapping?
  9. Hello everyone, I'm currently working on my first ProcessWire project and read a lot in the forums lately. I also came across the following thread and thought about a way this could be neatly solved. However as I am new to Processwire I don't know if my proposed solution a) makes sense at all b) is possible to implement c) is an improvement over what Processwire currently offers Therefore I would like to discuss the idea a bit and get some honest feedback. The Problem We have a group of input fields that belong to one part of a page. Those input fields should be visually connected so the user knows they are related to one another. Every page can (and probably will) have different values in those fields. Example: We have a couple of settings for a sidebar on a page. show a sidebar on this page (checkbox) sidebar title (text) sidebar subtitle (text) some other options (for example what content should be shown) (select or checkbox) The way to achieve that now The way I see it (again, I'm new to Processwire and so sorry if I missed another option) the way to do something like that is to use a fieldset_open fieldtype or fieldset_tab_open. However that feels a bit cumbersome, at least for me. You have to choose where the fieldset should start, where it ends, don't really see it when you're adding new fields, etc. It just didn't feel as elegant as the rest of Processwire. The proposed improvement [updated] Now what I was thinking is if there could be something like a FieldtypeTemplate FieldtypeGroup. For our sidebar problem our workflow would then become: we create the fields we want to use, but do not assign them to a template next we create a field "sidebar" of our new FieldtypeGroup, select the fields we created and add that field to our page template. That way we could later simply add more sidebar related fields to our sidebar field and automatically all templates using the sidebar field would have the new option. The workflow is really similar to what the repeater fields currently does, just without the actual repeating part. Now I'd like to know, does the idea make sense and would it be possible to achieve with Processwires architecture? Thank you for reading through Alex
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