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  1. WIndows 7 with FF 12.0, all scripts allowed
  2. Very nice! Clean, simple and effective! In the first one on the Anfahrt page, there is no photo....
  3. Is this making a simple back-end into a complicated one?
  4. I am starting to look at the same... and I am going to look at http://fuelphp.com/features , which looks like it has great features already in it, including authentication. And if you love javascript, you should check out http://trello.com which was made using a javascript stack and is described in this blog post http://blog.fogcreek.com/the-trello-tech-stack/ . Looks amazing...
  5. Yes, too much white. I would have used nice background photos.
  6. Thank you for the trello link, it is great and I am starting to use it now, and finding new ways to use it. I will check teamlab and worklowy too. Thanks...
  7. We should try for an Atlanta PW Meetup. I have not been to Atlanta yet. We can exchange methods and secrets, even if we have to travel...
  8. Thanks for the link soma, I will but it there... is just a variation es-MX but could be use for some Latin American countries too.
  9. Where do we put up the translations? Just open a thread and do it individually?
  10. I am with Nico 100%... +1 in all that he said.
  11. Nice site Pete, full of great stuff (both in content and in development) ! This are good for a sticky footer if you need them: http://www.cssstickyfooter.com/ http://ryanfait.com/sticky-footer/
  12. pbworks.com offers free wikis with limited capability but probably enougth for this. I like the idea!
  13. Very nice! and a good way to protect your photos too...
  14. Neil, this should help... http://processwire.com/talk/topic/764-custom-login-from-modal-box-redirect-after-login-failure/page__hl__%2Bmodal+%2Blogin__fromsearch__1
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