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  1. Brilliant - thank you Ryan. I was just getting to understand how PW2 all 'works' and this nailed it. Thank you for taking the time. Love it
  2. The way currently that you have to save a page before then going back and adding it/them to the WYSYWIG (if you want it to appear in the bodycopy for instance and not via a template call) is very time consuming. I think an AJAX routine and then once all images have been uploaded, a DONE button (which commits the files to the system) would be better I think.
  3. Always useful and a common feature - is this on the roadmap?
  4. Like this example: http://www.swindellsaccounting.co.uk/about-swindells/staff-accountants-seaford-uckfield.html Where all data on that page is in fact a separate 'field' and each staff member a separate page. We need a way to list all staff on one page only and to be sorted/displayed by the field 'Team' ASC.
  5. What would be the syntax/template example for say a simple news structure with pagination like this example: http://www.swindellsaccounting.co.uk/news-from-swindells-accountants/ Latest news first with a headline being a link to the full story perhaps. It would need a backlink to the last page of pagination and a prev/next to the other articles. Intelligent enough so that the prev/next finish at the end/start of all news pages.
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