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  1. There's nothing in that 'page' template at all. I'll try and reinstall it. If I have no luck I'll email you. Thanks.
  2. I'm running 2.1 and if I don't have a page.php template file the error is: 2011-09-06 09:26:43: guest:/http404/:ProcessWire Error:Exception: Template file does not exist: '/home/site/public_html/site/templates/page.php' (in /home/site/public_html/wire/core/TemplateFile.php line 55) If I add that template file in the error is: 2011-09-06 09:29:05: guest:/http404/:ProcessWire Error:Exception: Unknown column 'counter' in 'field list' (in /home/site/public_html/wire/core/Database.php line 72)
  3. Hi, This is a great timesaver but I'm not sure if I'm using this correctly as I get this: Unable to complete this request due to an error My redirect is: /contact/cv/ to /contact/ (using the page selector) I'm using the code off github and I'm sure that the url I'm redirecting from doesn't exist. Regards Martin
  4. Hi, I decided one way to learn a new system was to redo my site - which I've been wanting to do for a long time now. http://smd.net.au PW is such as fantastic system. Cheers to you Ryan. Regards Martin
  5. Thanks Ryan. Would I use it like this? Still learning this php lingo <? $today = time(); echo "<dl class='notes-list'>"; $notes = $pages->get("/notes/")->find("template=notes, sort=-publish_date"); foreach($notes as $note("date < $today")) { echo "<dt>{$note->title}<time pubdate>{$note->publish_date}</time></dt>"; echo "<dd>{$note->summary}<a class='read-more' href='{$note->url}'>→ read</a></dd>"; } echo "</dl>";
  6. Is there a way to approach this by using a custom date field and sorting by that field? And if that's possible can I also add pages with a date in the future that won't appear in the foreach results until that day. I know I could approach this part of the site by using WP or textpattern but it's not an intensive part of the site to warrant that. Regards Martin
  7. Just one more question regarding dates. I'm moving a site's content over manually (copy/paste as there's not much of it). Is it possible change the creation date? Regards Martin
  8. Hi, How do I output the publish date of a page? I've tried: <? echo $page->date; with no luck. Regards Martin
  9. Thanks Ryan, I downloaded the most recent build and I'm still getting this behaviour. If I view the html in the editor I see: <img src="undefined" width="209" height="234" /> I'm running Safari 5.0.5 / OS X 10.6.7 Regards Martin
  10. Hi, I'm having an issue inserting images from other pages. I'm inserting into a wysiwyg field from another page that has an image field populated. I can navigate and see the image but when I insert it it disappears. Not sure if this an expected behaviour or a bug. Regards Martin
  11. @apeisa Thank you @sinnut Thanks for pointing those out. Fixed. I need to put in some work on the meta description area.
  12. Hi, There's not much to this one. It doesn't stretch the limits of PW at all but the client is very happy with how easy it is to edit content. http://walkerabercrombie.com.au/ This is my first PW site (I usually use either textpattern & ExpressionEngine) and it was an absolute joy to learn something new. Illustrations by the great: http://lewkeilar.com/ Regards Martin
  13. Hi, I have a reasonably urgent need for something similar to jCrop in ProcessWire. If anyone is capable of working on this (as a paid gig) please get in touch: martin@smd.net.au Regards Martin
  14. Scratch that. I know what I did. I'm a silly man.
  15. Hi, i successfully installed the lastest release from github. My first stop was to login to the admin and I get: Unable to complete this request due to an error I can add a template file into the template directory and it renders it fine with some basic php: <link href="<?echo $config->urls->templates?>reset.css" media="screen" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /> I'm stumped because I've installed PW fine in a subdomain elsewhere previously. Any help greatly appreciated. Regards Martin
  16. But not all crops are based on squares. How do you allow for designs that require rectangular proportions?
  17. Here's an interesting idea: http://www.defusion.org.uk/demos/060519/cropper.php Perhaps as an alternative to having manual cropping built in there could be some way to hold the coordinates of the selection. Those coordinates could then be used with phpThumb: http://phpthumb.sourceforge.net/demo/demo/phpThumb.demo.demo.php#x24 I have no idea if this is even possible. Smarter minds than me could figure this out though. Regards Marty
  18. Hi Ryan, All that plugin does is replace the system's internally generated thumbnail with it's own. In textpattern there's an association between the full image and the thumbnail - if it exists. There's what's called an "article image" field that has an image picker (another plugin) which lets him select a thumbnail to go there. The code below (using another plugin) links the thumbnail to the original image. So my lightbox code looked like this: <li><a href="<txp:upm_img_full_url />" title="<txp:title />" rel="lightbox"><img src="<txp:upm_img_thumb_url />" alt="<txp:title />"></a></li> Otherwise the ordinary textpattern tag to display a thumbail would be: <txp:article_image thumbnail="1" /> . @adamkiss: It's really all about having more control over what part of the image I want to show as a thumbnail. I am looking at this with artists in mind so my opinion might be skewed somewhat. Perhaps this kind of cropping option should be an optional module rather than a core feature. Regards Martin
  19. Hi, Here's a video I made showing how I use textpattern (+ plugin) to create thumbnails. I wasn't sure I got my point across well enough in my post. I hope it makes sense. Looks like the jCrop site is back up too: http://deepliquid.com/content/Jcrop.html Regards Marty
  20. Hi, While we're on the subject of images I'd like to put in another feature request/wish. I work with a lot of artists (http://www.illustratorsaustralia.com/). Once thing they really need in my opinion (and theirs) is a better way to create thumbnails. The basic centre crop just isn't enough for them to highlight the key part of an illustration. Sure, they could upload a seperate thumbnail file, but really, this is 2011. textpattern has the best image management I've seen in any CMS I've used. There's a plugin for it called EBL Image Edit (http://textpattern.syserror.net/article/4/ebl-image-edit) will allows you to select a portion of an image and create a thumbnail. There's an option to constrain the proportions too. A while ago I came across a jQuery cropping tool called jCrop. Unfortunately the jCrop site is down (http://deepliquid.com/content/Jcrop.html) which would better illustrate what I mean. This example (http://nettuts.s3.amazonaws.com/1018_crop/demo/index.html) goes some way to showing how it works. As much as I love textpattern I think ProcessWire is more artist-friendly. For a portfolio site having this type of thumbnailing option would be a great time saver. Are there any plans have some centralised image area or let the image field be able to peruse image fields uploaded to other pages? I know this can be done in the wysiwyg editor which is something, but there's often reasons for images to appear in different locations on a site. I'm all for avoiding duplicate imagery. Just my rambling two cents. Regards Martin
  21. Thanks Ryan. So what would you recommend the permissions for files and directories be set to? I get a lot of files displaying 'not found' in the Safari Activity window.
  22. Thanks for the suggestion. I have tried that. I still get the same errors.
  23. That setting is what I missed. Thanks again.
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