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  1. Hi, I'm getting a few errors and I'm not sure what might be causing it. First, I get: Security Warning: /site/config.php is writable and ideally should not be. Security Warning: /site/index.php is writable and ideally should not be. Both files are set to 444. The second is when I try to change the template used by a page. Template 'page' is not allowed 'page' being my template name. The page has no content. Regards Martin
  2. Sir, you are a gentleman. Thank you. I would not have worked that out. Regards Martin
  3. Thanks for you help and time. It's nearly there except for when I'm on the main Advertising 'list' page. I'm a php ubernoob and I don't understand that code enough. In EE or textpattern this kind of navigation highlighting would take me 2 seconds (with sections and url_segments). I think I'll just hard code it and write a load of CSS. Thanks again.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I think I should illustrate more clearly what I'm trying to do. Here's the development site: http://otoshpw.clientsite.net.au/ My pages are structured thusly: Home -Illustration --Advertising ---client_work_item ---client_work_item ---client_work_item ---client_work_item -Art --Limited Edition Prints etc, etc I'm not including Home in the navigation I'm generating. What I'd like to do, for example, is whenever I'm in a section/page like Advertising or any page under that, have class='current' apply to that LI. Regards Martin
  5. I spoke too soon. That won't highlight if I go down another level.
  6. Hi, I'm using the code below to generate a basic navigation: <?php foreach($pages->find("parent=/illustration, sort=sort") as $p) { echo "<li><a href='{$p->url}'>{$p->title}</a></li>"; } Works great but I'm trying to work out how to add a class="current" to the LI if that page matches that nav item - and at any level. I've had a go at trying to work out the code in the sitemap template but without any luck. <?php $nav = $pages->get("/illustration"); $children = $nav->children; foreach($children as $child) { $current = $child === $page->rootParent ? " class='current'" : ''; echo "<li$current><a href='{$child->url}'>{$child->title}</a></li>"; } Any thoughts? Regards Martin // adamkiss: added 'php' in your second code block to force code coloring // apeisa: added [solved] to subject
  7. Hi Ryan, It's in a template called artist_list. My pages are: Portfolio - uses template artist_list.php - artwork - child page uses template 'artist_work' with two fields - artist_image & artist_thumbnail - artwork - etc - artwork - etc All I'd like to do is generate a thumbnail from the larger image if the thumbnail image isn't present. The child pages won't be viewed as such as I'm calling the larger image into Fancybox.
  8. Hi Ryan, I have both fields set to 1 as each will hold a single image. 'artist_image' holds the full size image 'artist_thumbnail' holds the thumbnail ...both are set to 1. Perhaps I'm doing something else wrong.
  9. No problems. I really appreciate all the help you've given me.
  10. Thank you again. Your explanation goes some way in helping me learn PW better and I appreciated it. If I don't upload a thumbnail and get PW to generate a thumb I get the below error. Call to a member function size() on a non-object <?php foreach($page->children as $artist_item) { $image = $artist_item->artist_image; $thumb = $artist_item->artist_thumbnail; if(!$thumb) $thumb = $image; $thumb = $thumb->eq(0)->size(100,100); echo "<li><a rel='lightbox' title='{$artist_item->title}' href='{$image->url}'><img src='{$thumb->url}' alt='{$artist_item->title}'></a></li>"; }
  11. If I remove this line: $thumb = $thumb->size(100, 100); the page renders with the link to the full size image - which is what I'm after.
  12. Yes I have. http://awesomescreenshot.com/0a6ar6qac
  13. Hi, Thanks for your help. I've started from scratch. I have two fields, artist_image & artist_thumbnail. I get the same errors. <?php foreach($page->children as $artist_item) { $image = $artist_item->artist_image; $thumb = $artist_item->artist_thumbnail; if(!$thumb) $thumb = $image; $thumb = $thumb->size(100, 100); echo "<li><a rel='lightbox' title='{$artist_item->title}' href='{$image->url}'><img src='{$thumb->url}' alt='{$artist_item->title}'></a></li>"; }
  14. Thanks Ryan, I get all sorts of errors if I try that code. Exception: Method Pageimages::size does not exist or is not callable in this context (in /Users/me/Sites/ProcessWire/ryancramerdesign-ProcessWire-TEST/wire/core/Wire.php line 205) #0 [internal function]: Wire->__call('size', Array) #1 /Users/me/Sites/ProcessWire/ryancramerdesign-ProcessWire-TEST/site/templates/template.php(90): Pageimages->size(100, 100) #2 /Users/me/Sites/ProcessWire/ryancramerdesign-ProcessWire-TEST/wire/core/TemplateFile.php(88): require('/Users/me/S...') #3 /Users/me/Sites/ProcessWire/ryancramerdesign-ProcessWire-TEST/wire/core/Wire.php(241): TemplateFile->___render() #4 /Users/me/Sites/ProcessWire/ryancramerdesign-ProcessWire-TEST/wire/core/Wire.php(203): Wire->runHooks(Array, Array) #5 [internal function]: Wire->__call('render', Array) #6 /Users/martin/Sites/ProcessWire/ryancramerdesign-ProcessWire-TEST/wire/modules/PageRender.module(144): TemplateFile->render('render', Array) #7 /Users/martin/Sites/ProcessWire/ryancramerdesign-ProcessWire-TEST/wire/core/Wire.php
  15. Hi, I'm trying to get my head around something I know should be simple. I'm working on an a site for an artist who'd like to upload a custom thumbnail for each of his images. I've added a second field called 'artist_thumbnail'. In my template I want to test to see if there's a custom thumbnail and if not get processwire to generate one automatically. PHP isn't my strong point. Am I even close with this code? foreach($page->children("limit=32") as $folio_item) { if($folio_item->artist_thumbnail) { $img = "<li><a rel='lightbox' title='{$folio_item->title}' href='{$image->url}'><img title='{$folio_item->title}' src='{$thumb->url}' alt='{$folio_item->title}'></a></li>"; } else if($folio_item->artist_image) { $thumb = $folio_item->artist_image->size(100, 100); $image = $folio_item->artist_image; $img = "<li><a rel='lightbox' title='{$folio_item->title}' href='{$image->url}'><img title='{$folio_item->title}' src='{$thumb->url}' alt='{$folio_item->title}'></a></li>"; } // Output the image echo "$img"; }
  16. I think I have it sorted. if($page->prev->id) {echo "<p class='next'><a href='{$page->prev->url}'>prev</a></p>";} if($page->next->id) {echo "<p class='prev'><a href='{$page->next->url}'>next</a></p>";}
  17. Hi Ryan, This would be a great feature to have. If only to keep duplicate images to a minimum. Regards Martin
  18. Thanks again Ryan. Another noob PHP question. Can I use a conditional to check whether I'm on a first or last page? That way it only outputs 'next page' or 'previous page' if there actually is one. Regards Martin
  19. Hi, Am I right is assuming that an uploaded image is only available to that specific page and not any other pages via the admin? Regards Martin
  20. Hi everyone, Ryan, that's exactly what I meant.
  21. Hi, This is my first post here and I'm a bit of a php noob - but willing to learn nonetheless. I really like approach of this CMS. I think it'd be a fantastic offering to a lot of my clients. My first question (probably of many) is regarding next/previous page linking. I'm picking through the demo site code and say, for example I'm on the About Us > Child page example 1. How would I go about adding a next / previous page link that works only on that level? Thanks & regards Martin
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