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  1. I'm using cPanel through NetVirtue which runs LiteSpeed and it's running fine.
  2. Early days, I'm mostly doing it for him still Yeah, ProCache had a cached broken version of that version of the page.. should be fixed now! should really fix cloudflares redirects
  3. 2. Or, add a meta generator tag within your document <head> <meta name="generator" content="ProcessWire"> Mine has ProcessWire 2.6.1 is that ok?
  4. I rebuilt my brothers website from it's WordPress theme/plugin into a ProcessWire designed theme. Mostly because it was build poorly, half the things didn't work and it kept getting attacked through 3rd party plugins, and not knowing much about WordPress other that omg I hate it - decided to look else where! Turned out nice I thought, easily modifiable pages/projects with tagging showcase etc, and using FormBuilder with bootstrap theme for contact form, also ProCache. Will look to try use ProcessWire for further projects, very nice to use as a dev. Cheers John
  5. Yes that's the intended for the moment. The Module does the auto-redirect, I can't figure out how to send it to the other subdomain at the moment with out doing string manipulations. At the moment its kind of like if $page-> url ="/" && $page->id != 0 and its title is in the host file, then etc... to fix the directs. If I can solve the other part then I'll look into it, but for now it's actually working really well Cheers John
  6. I've just managed to set this up, and whilst it took a while it can be done. Again - took for ever to realise that the domain needed to be in the config->httpHosts file. Then you realise your sitemaps are all broken because the title with the domain doesn't have a url, it points to itself. So I played around with multilevel subdomains etc, and it all works kinda well now - http://dayswithoutincident.net/site-map/ the sub domain verison just implements the site-map template at the moment, but i needed to change the templates and the php include files in order to achieve this.
  7. O god... seriously upsetting now.. hahah
  8. I can't seem to remove a template, I have a template called sitemap - and it reckons it's used by 1 page, however that page has been deleted yet it's not reflected - the 'search' filter also shows up no pages using that template, yet the template still things it's in use. Any way to fix this? cPanel with PW 2.6.1 regards John
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