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  1. aaa. theres another thing. how to add custom fields to the page (admin template). how everyone uses this custom pages? list on parent page on main nav bar and add chield pages with different template?
  2. @Soma with this module the created new page links to list function. how can i link to directly edit page? appreciated
  3. i create ready.php file and wrote this codes but nothing changed? is it difference between versions? what is it ready.php under /site/ directory? still error saying "Unknown page
  4. ahh sorry codes working but im searching printed codes on wrong place thanks guys btw if (condition): //do elseif (condition): //do another endif; usage is really easier thanks
  5. thanks K07N its not giving error with this codes <?php if ($page->template=='products'): ?> <link rel="stylesheet" href="<?=$config->urls->templates;?>assets/css/calendar.css"> <?php endif; ?> but its not work too i want to add some extra metas into included _header.php why didnt i succeed? or how its easier to include?
  6. no i controlled it, when i remove 2. condition it works fine
  7. hi i use if condition for $page->template=='templatename' but after 2. if condition codes get error codes are the same but when i add 2. condition gets an error "syntax error, unexpected end of file" <?php //gallery lightbox css if ($page->template=='photos'){?> <link rel="stylesheet" href="<?=$config->urls->templates;?>assets/css/lightbox.css"> <?php} ?> this works fine but <?php //gallery lightbox css if ($page->template=='photos'){?> <link rel="stylesheet" href="<?=$config->urls->templates;?>assets/css/lightbox.css"> <?php} ?> . . . . .. . . . . .. . . . .. . . . . . . .. . . . . . . .. . . . .. <?php //products calendar css if ($page->template=='products'){?> <link rel="stylesheet" href="<?=$config->urls->templates;?>assets/css/calendar.css"> <?php} ?> whats wrong? 2.condition for same operator ($page->template) using different?
  8. hi i tried this but i cant success. there is a template as products.php and a field as product_type i want to list all product_type values for search form. how can i print this uniq values?
  9. ahh yea i use this codes and page refresh does not increase view. it looks only session $key = "pageview" . $page->id; if(!$session->$key) { $page->Counter += 1; $page->of(false); $page->save('Counter'); $page->of(true); $session->$key = 1; }
  10. $page->setOutputFormatting(false); $page->views = $page->views+1; $pages->saveField($page, 'views'); $page->setOutputFormatting(true); this codes work well but every page refresh counter increase. how can i use it for each session?
  11. thank you it works great how can i translate image standart fields (orientation, description, caption)? i look ImageExtra.module but i can not dare to change anything
  12. i tried it again and it works after i added second image. thank you!
  13. i tried ->orientation , ->orientationField , ->orientationValues but it did not print. i try it again thanks for your reply
  14. hi thats awesome module. good job. i want to know how i print the images orientation values?
  15. ahh i made it with $RootPage= $page->rootParent i waste my few hours with it
  16. hi guys i want to list on a side menu which only contains active pages childrens. page with same template. if i made $RootPage = $page->parent; and render it with $SideList->render(null,$page,$RootPage) works fine but in services main page lists all sub pages. if i made $RootPage = $page->children; and render works fine but child pages does not contains same level pages. i want it on service page menu displays service#1, service#2, service#3 on service#1 page menu displays the same (service#1, service#2, service#3) or other page on product menu displays (product#1, product#2,product#3) on product #1 page menu (product#1, product#2,product#3) i cant do this with same template
  17. hey guys the default language posts "en" for language with "echo _x" command. how can i change this? i look up config file for this but i can not find anything. thanks
  18. i installed all of them (fieldtypealanguage,FieldtypePageTitleLanguage, and others about language) via admin panel. i will look multilanguage forum thanks for your reply
  19. hi i installed multilanguage module and addons and i create another language for my site. but in page title selection multi language does not seen? there is no multi tab on title section this is my blank site with installed module http://prntscr.com/6z4a5v this is created multilanguage web site template http://prntscr.com/6z4a9c
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