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  1. I am trying to Import Pages from a CSV file in version 3.0.15 but I can't get it to work. Using the module: "Import Pages from CSV file" In version 2 I have no problems. Anyone on the forum has checked already if this module is compatible with version 3? Please your feedback. I have the problem in step 2 when I have to connect the field, the dropdown stays empty.
  2. Hello One year working with PW and no need to ask for help, but today have something funny going on in my date time field. When i input a year in the PW backend link 1867-01-01 it will be saved to the mysql database, when i reload the page, the field doesn't show up in the PW backend. When i try to output also no luck. When i enter the year 1902-01-01 no problems for display in the front and backend. I made another date time field and got the same problem. Anyone any ideas how to troubleshoot this issue? I am running on version 2.7.2
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