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  1. franctic-aerobic

    As a follow up question to the first paragraphy solutions provided. Is there a way to get "the rest of the text" output? A way to exclude the first paragraph? The result I am looking for is to output the first paragraph from a body text field, then an image from an image field, and then the rest of the text from the body text field. So there might be other solutions?
  2. franctic-aerobic

    I am exited about the new search module that will be added to ProDevTools. Do you have an estimated time for when that will be released?
  3. franctic-aerobic

    Has anyone worked with ProcessWire and Google My Business API on getting (blog) posts published to a business Knowledge Panel? I wonder if there is an "easy" way to set this up in a ProcessWire page template. Source:
  4. franctic-aerobic

    I have previously been using uppercase URL in $page->image->URL for browser cache busting query string purpose. Is this compatible with MarkupSrcSet? My current image url is $page->image->srcset('860x0,/2,/3').
  5. I got the following error in my error logs, and am trying to find the source of error. Has anyone experienced this error before? guest /http404/ Error: Exception: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry '41-0' for key 'PRIMARY' (in /home/vidnokts/public_html/wire/core/FieldtypeMulti.php line 295)
  6. franctic-aerobic

    VID ( is searching for a Norwegian-speaking developer for development of all kinds: Updates, tweaks, possible major updates, as an adviser, and more. There are no concrete plans for new big projects as of this moment, but we're always taking our website a step further. So development of any size could and will arise. It is therefore important that you are open for development of all kinds. Some facts: We use GitHub. We stay updated with latest version of core and modules. We are fans of UIkit. We are interested in new ideas, more effective ways to work and think details are important. Send a message if you are interested. Got some projects you are proud of? Send us a link in your message as well!
  7. franctic-aerobic

    I'd like to see HTML5 attributes for hyperlinks, such as download, media and ping, when editing links in ProcessWire (with CKEditor) . Download is the one I'm using myself, but I'm mentioning the other ones as well. More information at New HTML5 Attributes for Hyperlinks: download, media, and ping.
  8. franctic-aerobic

    This will be a one-way sync (as I mentioned in my second post in this thread). The data will only be updated in the Directus database. No editing on these data will be done in ProcessWire. Also said, but in other words: When the data is imported (to ProcessWire) and kept updated/synced, I will be able to use the ProcessWire API to handle the data as per today. Meaning no extensive recoding of templates and so.
  9. franctic-aerobic

    I still have the need for ProcessWire to create a page for each item in Directus database. And be able to update the title if the item changes. And also I would prefer to keep working with the ProcessWire API, because of the way the end point for this import («person pages») is integrated with the rest of the website.
  10. franctic-aerobic

    The one-off task was rather easy, and I have managed this using the php sdk as you mention. But I'm not sure about how to go further, setting up a continuous synchronization. One-way, from Directus to ProcessWire. I'm new to this way of thinking (working with APIs). Should I use «cron jobs» of some sort? Or rely on Directus «pushing» when something is updated? Any good ideas are welcomed. Maybe this post could also be a heads up to others who are new to this …
  11. franctic-aerobic

    Has anyone integrated Directus with ProcessWire? I have a database in Directus that I want to sync with ProcessWire (create/update/delete pages). But I don't not know where to start. It might be possible with ProcessWire's API in some way?
  12. franctic-aerobic

    I've only ever seen ?s=1 back-end when saving before, not front-end when clicking Save + View.
  13. franctic-aerobic

    When clicking on Save + View , the system adds ?s=1&c=0 on the end of the URL. Is that related to some changes in 3.0.60?
  14. franctic-aerobic

    Thank you, @abdus, your solution worked. So it buys me some time to figure out what happened with my initial setup.
  15. franctic-aerobic

    I have a webpage that I (think have) worked well with translation of dates based on a setlocale() code in a _init.php file until now. The page is in Norwegian (default) and English (english). But the date shown front end is now only in English. I have a multi-language textfield (locale) where I input nb_NO and en_US, and then I use the follow code in _init.php: $homepage = $pages->get('/'); // For change of language, set default language switch($user->language->name) { case 'default': setlocale (LC_ALL, $homepage->locale); break; } To check what is output, I used this: echo setlocale(LC_ALL, 0); And it only outputs C both on the Norwegian and English page. (It should output nb_NO and en_US). I have the same setup on another page, at least I think so, but something must be different. I also tried changing the locale, and editing LanguageSupport.module, removing the setlocale() code from above, with no luck. I check both in development (MAMP) and on my production server. I use ProcessWire 3.0.59 (live) and 3.0.60 (development). There could be other code I have that messes this up. But I hope this could shine som light. My question is: What decides the locale and how could I fix the «C»?