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  1. @ is not supported in PHP only in comments and sometimes PHPDoc, however your IDE also uses that to resolve $config to a Config class for Intellisense purposes. Check this link for more information https://github.com/php-fig/fig-standards/blob/master/proposed/phpdoc.md
  2. The first workflow is the more traditional way for me, I ensure the website is built first, then change them from HTML to Twig, since I am more of a fan of Twig than the default Processwire Engine.
  3. This article just saved me massive hours. exporting fields from local to production with ease.
  4. Made some changes to the navigation, and the weird issue @bernhard picked up, thanks so far everyone. @JeevanisM I am currently working on that now, will share something soon.
  5. Oh I never got to write about that, so I think that would be a starting point. To think that I was brainstorming on what topic to write. I will share a draft and let you know how it goes. This seems like a good starting point, because most people are missing out on the beauty of Processwire.
  6. @Pixrael What's the experience around Laravel, I've seen people love it, but it rubbed me off the wrong way, most of it feels too opinionated , I find myself looking towards Symfony because of my Spring Boot experience
  7. Normally you can use Processwire, however I would imagine you would have to build a lot of things around Processwire's API personally I would find it easier to go with an application framework, as that would give me more freedom around the architecture. You would need to know alot about Processwire API to pull that off, but it is possible, in one of my threads, I played with the concept of having a MVC like structure. So the choice is up to you. But personally for that type of application I would go towards an application framework, as I would imagine you would need much more frameworks around caching, DB ORM.
  8. Lol I have a good job, I am just looking to showcase my skill and I guess inspire people. Yeah it's just for fun and showcasing my thoughts. Hopefully as time goes by, there would be much more content to share.
  9. Lol yes I am not sure what I was thinking when I did the navigation, I guess I got too carried away after looking at awwwards and dribbble. I will work on that Hmmmm this is a very interesting point, So what I aim to achieve is to have a website, where I can share my works, concepts and any crazy idea that comes to mind. I still have so much content to populate the site with, I tend to research and write things down, so I want to use my site as an avenue to share my works. Because I have been told by colleagues that I need to showcase my works and ideas more and also participate in community projects too. That's my goal. I won't mind any advice. Thanks and good to be back.
  10. Hi guys, so since I moved to Processwire, it has been my default go-to CMF/CMS for my website and client applications, apparently my previous job took a toll on me, and made me have less time, but now finally had the chance to change my website to something I always had in mind. I decided to go with something minimal, as I tend to enjoy writing, so wanted a website to have more text than graphics and I think I whipped up something clean. Currently I still have more to do, but this is my current website, the main purpose to have a content driven website where I will be writing tutorials , articles more and hopefully technical notes. Please let me know your honest opinion. PS: I am more of a coder than a designer but i think this old dog still pulled it off https://okeowoaderemi.com/
  11. Processwire API and minimalism is so much lean that it feels like you are still writing PHP compared to other CMS which are overly complex, I think Processwire is easy to use Project with so many things taken care of, especially the fields, It's so much easier to build applications for client easily than other frameworks/cms because Processwire provides so many features that are vital.
  12. have you covered this ? Enabling Pagination Make sure the "Pager" (MarkupPagerNav) module is installed in Admin > Modules. If it's not installed, click the Install link next to it. Determine what template(s) you want to use pagination with. Go to Admin > Setup > Templates > [Your Template] > URLs, and check the box for: Allow Page Numbers. Save. Pagination should now be enabled and ready to use in your templates.
  13. Hi you might call it dumb, but this is actually interesting, I was thinking is there any mechanism to /condition to stop a Hook from being called, so pardon this jargon, so I took the time to see if such exists public function runHooks($method, $arguments, $type = 'method') { $result = array( 'return' => null, 'numHooksRun' => 0, 'methodExists' => false, 'replace' => false, ); $realMethod = "___$method"; if($type == 'method') $result['methodExists'] = method_exists($this, $realMethod); if(!$result['methodExists'] && !self::isHooked($method . ($type == 'method' ? '()' : ''))) { return $result; // The condition for not running is when not hooked or method doesn't exist } $hooks = $this->getHooks($method); foreach(array('before', 'after') as $when) { if($type === 'method' && $when === 'after' && $result['replace'] !== true) { if($result['methodExists']) { $result['return'] = call_user_func_array(array($this, $realMethod), $arguments); } else { $result['return'] = null; } } foreach($hooks as $priority => $hook) { if(!$hook['options'][$when]) continue; if(!empty($hook['options']['objMatch'])) { $objMatch = $hook['options']['objMatch']; // object match comparison to determine at runtime whether to execute the hook if(is_object($objMatch)) { if(!$objMatch->matches($this)) continue; } else { if(((string) $this) != $objMatch) continue; } } if($type == 'method' && !empty($hook['options']['argMatch'])) { // argument comparison to determine at runtime whether to execute the hook $argMatches = $hook['options']['argMatch']; $matches = true; foreach($argMatches as $argKey => $argMatch) { $argVal = isset($arguments[$argKey]) ? $arguments[$argKey] : null; if(is_object($argMatch)) { // Selectors object if(is_object($argVal)) { $matches = $argMatch->matches($argVal); } else { // we don't work with non-object here $matches = false; } } else { if(is_array($argVal)) { // match any array element $matches = in_array($argMatch, $argVal); } else { // exact string match $matches = $argMatch == $argVal; } } if(!$matches) break; } if(!$matches) continue; // don't run hook } $event = new HookEvent(); $event->object = $this; $event->method = $method; $event->arguments = $arguments; $event->when = $when; $event->return = $result['return']; $event->id = $hook['id']; $event->options = $hook['options']; $toObject = $hook['toObject']; $toMethod = $hook['toMethod']; if(is_null($toObject)) $toMethod($event); else $toObject->$toMethod($event); $result['numHooksRun']++; if($when == 'before') { $arguments = $event->arguments; $result['replace'] = $event->replace === true || $result['replace'] === true; if($result['replace']) $result['return'] = $event->return; } if($when == 'after') $result['return'] = $event->return; } } return $result; } As you can see there isn't any logic to stop hooks from running other than if the arguments are wrong and method doesn't exist or the method itself in question is not hookable. However using an exit should work since the exit method stop the execution of the current script. I think the concept of Hooks is you attaching to them and not stopping them. But another alternative would be to remove the check from the hook and and have the check determining whether to call the WireHttp::send Let me know if that suffices
  14. Oops I get the confusion now, sorry my fault I assumed it was the same when i saw horst name here is the link:
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