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  1. Side comment: Huge Manga / Anime fan here Main Comment: You can get a template that has the similar view and plugin in Processwire easily to do that, however do you have this online or somewhere, I don't mind looking at this if you need a third eye , just give a shout-out if things get out of hand. I tend to peek at codes alot and make sense of them especially Processwire.
  2. I don't see why you can't in Processwire, you have can your Business Logic as you would in any PHP Application, but only using Processwire API to handle the information you collect from the front-end, into it's Admin, or you can build your business logic in a Module and save to your Database. so It is possible very much. The Backend will extremely work in your favour as it has good API to easily have a backend view to see your transactions. Others will reply with their view, but it depends on your processwire knowledge and PHP skills. Sephiroth
  3. I am looking at the Github https://github.com/Mangavj/WireMangaTheme/blob/master/WireMangaTheme.module and I see only 1 argument but another module here https://github.com/oliuz/WireManga/blob/master/WireManga.module accepts 3 arguments so it seems there is a mix up, anyway I can hit you up so I can look at the source code. but yeah a form of programming knowledge is required.
  4. Think of your template as the Presentation view and the fields as properties for a Data Container, the Page gives you all the data you need, then you are in control of the presentation. This is better than how WP works , because the system already exposes the data you need, how you render the template is now up to you. This gives you room to plan the fields and pages and even have shared templates.
  5. When you create a template in the CMS , it creates the templates (virtually) and fields that holds the data in the Database, creating a template file in the folder allows you to tie that template with the data of the template in the CMS that was created. You have to explicitly create the template file and refresh
  6. My country ( Nigeria ) can't be accurate because there isn't enough testing centres thanks to corruption and bad leadership, those are cases they found, I am pretty confident that it would be much more than that.
  7. It is quite understandable, it's not easy having to share time between surviving and working at the same time, God speed
  8. I work from home, but now it's more reasons to stay indoors, but Corona virus impact isn't much here in Nigeria, but time will tell
  9. It's Linux for me anyday anytime, there are so much work I get down easily, also the terminal, I can pipe and do crazy stuff, I just installed awesomeWM and looking to play with that, I like i3 but learning C++ to customize my UI is too big of a task to take, with awesomeWM I can pick up Lua and customize my os. Been running Linux since Ubuntu 6 I think and always loved it as my programming environment.
  10. I think the question should be what type of application are you looking to build that requires MVC ? because I find PW appropriate for making proper CMS sites, anything other than that, then you should be using a proper MVC for such, there will be scenarios you will encounter, I doubt you would want to tweak PW to fit uncovered scenario.
  11. @ is not supported in PHP only in comments and sometimes PHPDoc, however your IDE also uses that to resolve $config to a Config class for Intellisense purposes. Check this link for more information https://github.com/php-fig/fig-standards/blob/master/proposed/phpdoc.md
  12. The first workflow is the more traditional way for me, I ensure the website is built first, then change them from HTML to Twig, since I am more of a fan of Twig than the default Processwire Engine.
  13. This article just saved me massive hours. exporting fields from local to production with ease.
  14. Made some changes to the navigation, and the weird issue @bernhard picked up, thanks so far everyone. @JeevanisM I am currently working on that now, will share something soon.
  15. Oh I never got to write about that, so I think that would be a starting point. To think that I was brainstorming on what topic to write. I will share a draft and let you know how it goes. This seems like a good starting point, because most people are missing out on the beauty of Processwire.
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