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  1. Sephiroth

    Here is a link to the source of my website, I used Twig for it, I will try and create a repo for this, this week
  2. Sephiroth

    That's not a bad idea, I love writing tutorial and that thought has always been there, maybe it is something I can look at except that payment issues is one that discourages me from sure since my country has so many restrictions, but it is something that is due. A book someone can follow from scratch to finish. Good idea
  3. Sephiroth

    I have been absent in the PW scene, I am still curious about this ChangeLog i think it's long due, is there a repo on it ? or anyone working on it, so i can contribute.
  4. Sephiroth

    {block name="content"}{/block} Sorry about that, that was a smarty template, my brain went into Smarty mode the correct syntax is what you provided, in your layout where you arr inheritting from, ensure you have something like this {% block content %} {% endblock %}
  5. Sephiroth

    How i think i might need a new laptop for gaming. nice site. My Nvidia 830M is outdated
  6. function insert($data) { $this->site->pages->find(....); // <= use the site through the class handle } The problem i find with this, is that now your class knows too much about the site pages, it would be better to simply pass the data, else this would lead to tight coupling, unless you have to create an interface and ensure the contracts are followed.
  7. Lol I write Java in the office so i make the mistake of fusing Java into PHP.
  8. So the reason for uses Classes, is that you want to hide complexity and just expose the method in a clean manner, and also you want to deal with properties internally without side effects as you would when doing procedural type of coding. So if you want to pass any data to your classes, there are multiple ways but the best way is to always pass the data by copy in either constructor like this <?php class Submisssion{ private data; __construct(data){ $this->data=data } } or using a Setter method <?php class Submission { private data; public function insert($data){ $this->data = $data; } $submission->insert($data); What this does is pass the data through a method and achieves the same as the constructor, because this way the Submission class can handle manipulation of data without external change outside the class. Which is why OOP is usually preferred as alot of things are hidden and the methods are made simple so you can use a Class without having to read the internal details.
  9. Sephiroth

    You need insight and analytics, whne you say it's slow is it as a result of time to render on the client, or do you mean time a method or function takes, you will need a profiler for both frontend and the backend to have more detailed information.
  10. Oh i see what you mean, an external plugin that adds to the column without altering the data , Hmm I will look at the documentation more. I think i get now
  11. Sephiroth

    Glad to hear JeevanisM, even recently I was thinking of a Github open book about Processwire, but I am somehow a bit of a procrastinator sometimes, I guess I will map out something for that.
  12. I maybe be wrong but it seems, you want to render a certain info based on the data provided, ideally most Table give options to enable you have power over the rendering process. Does this satisfy your feat, and also it's like a plugin too
  13. Sephiroth

    Twig doesn't know what a field is, all it expects are variables which are passed to the twig templates from the processwire php files based on the Twig module. Let's take for example the side template in twig, I can have an array of posts which will render the post in a list manner. All I simply need to do is get a list of post and set it with a variable name for that template and the twig template simply renders it based on the variable passed. Besides at the end of the day Twig is basically still compiles to php so it's nothing unique just another layer.
  14. Sephiroth

    I just looked at Latte and it's very clean to read, it looks so similar to Twig, I was using Smarty before but Twig is 100% OOP and extending it is cleaner compared to Smarty, I will give Natte Latte a shot later on.
  15. Sephiroth

    "delayed output strategy" to me is the same as concatenation, it easily gets messy, hard and difficult to follow, not exactly easy to inherit templates or layouts. It might work but it comes at the cost of readability and how easy it is in making mistakes. Twig Template makes it easier to read ,the only disadvantage I can bring up is that, you cannot instantiate a class inside the template, you must pass a reference of an object to it, then again, your template must not be tied to a code, it should simply take a value it expects and evaluate from that. It makes things really easy to read. As for performance it compiles down to php templates, it only compiles when the source has been changed.