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  1. I can't comment about the first because I don't fancy that pattern but the second think about it as a stack by prepending, you're pushing the items from the top when adding compared than from the bottom.
  2. More than enough , thanks alot this is what i needed.
  3. Net2FTP logs me out everytime, I feel it must be network related haven't tried monsta FTP but i like the having to just edit the file from the same application however it should only edit the modules and templates and not core code.
  4. Am looking at that too, I will fork your project over the weekend and see how I can contribute, am really interested in this, though I have a feeling Monaco feels like overkill, but i will evaluate it and see.
  5. This would be the most useful module for me, because I tend to do my sidejobs at the office after work (I know, it's not proper, commuting issues that's why ) and we have a strong Firewall that blocks FTP and CPanel pages, so this will come real handy, am assuming it has a code-editor in it. thanks a bunch.
  6. Yeah alot of manual work, sometimes it's hard because you need to know which file isn't wordpress specific as it's massive and populated.
  7. It's more expensive and time consuming to rewrite a Project from those to Processwire, and if there's no financial justification no one would, and another point is availability of modules and plugins too.
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  9. The Benefit of Framework is standardized way of working take for example we use Processwire I know if i need to make a DB call i'd use the Processwire DB Class, that already saves us the stress of trying to understand each other's code since there's already a standard and way, now imagine you were to manage a non-framework project you'd find yourself trying to understand the way it works and also how it works. That's way framework come in, and also best practices also
  10. Hi regardless remember I come from a Third world country,small customers cannot simply afford employing developer of other languages and PHP is quite affordable so far PHP has a market, PHP is still viable and in demand, I was just approaching it on the basis that other compiled language would outperform PHP doesn't mean PHP is irrelevant also I don't have any preference for any language I pick whatever works but i must admit PHP is the only platform that's faster for me to bootstrap and come up with something within a short time. To be frank most companies as long as you know PHP to a certain level and you are willing to learn, companies would employ you, there was a time I wasn't familiar with frameworks till I worked for a company and was given a project, I was given a PHP Book on Advanced PHP Development, However the fastest way to pick up PHP is to look up PHP the Right Way. I would have loved to recommend Symfony Framework, I work for an enterprise organization and we mostly develop in almost any language except PHP but mostly Java Spring Framework and Symfony feels closer to that, Symfony gives so much flexibility and freedom and uses best practice, unlike Laravel, I have issues with the abuse of Static class and some Classes suffer from what I call "God Object", The Eloquent ORM irks me out it has too much logic compared to Doctrine way's of handling data. Here is another good resource for PHP, Just take it one day at a time. Exactly
  11. Exactly you've hit the nail with the shortcoming of PHP, it's interpreted every time it needs to be parsed and fed to the Zend Engine meanwhile compiled languages would run much more faster and scale better than PHP, I read the benchmark of a Golang application and I was blown apart normally i'd stick to Spring but the memory consumption is excess, but I haven't come across elixir, might give it a shot
  12. If you are doing Web PHP is still awesome, however if it reaches the point where you are really taking shit load of request, that's when you will branch to faster languages like Golang, For me am still deciding which to commit to still deciding between .NET Core, Spring MVC or Golang Web frameworks but still be using PHP for simple sites.
  13. I have done something like this but this was in Spring Framework and not Processwire, you don't really need fields to do this ( This is my issue with using PW,it's easier for me to translate logic to classes than fields and pages). What i did was to create different Object in Java and created an interface to make things easier so you have your MultiChoice Class, True or False Class, Open End Question class , all i needed to do was return a JSON that had enough meta-data to inform the UI what to render on the frontend and based on the question type it would generate the control to display the question and save the answer to a QuizManager which stores the question id and the answer for each quiz.
  14. I have heard alot about Django from a mentor, from what I hear it's actually quite a robust solution, so to be honest am a fan of use what's right , I don't subscribe to using Processwire for every type of application most times, I might find myself using Symfony for certain projects because of the flexibility and proper architecture that requires me to handle things and remove certain bundles , but I mostly use Processwire to build sites I want clients to manage, the moment an application has so many custom and specific needs, I would use an application framework, now if I were in Python world, because I don't really like Python i'd use Django for Site management but would prefer to use something light and flexible. Also I think you should state views without insulting, calling people "Fanboy" is not the right approach all the best
  15. Had no choice than to settle for modifying the TemplateEngineTwig, feels so hackish. If anyone can guide me on how you can hook to the TemplateEngine::initTwig from a template i'd be appreciative, a feature in the future could be a user-defined folder where extensions can be placed and used easily.