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  1. Any update on this ? is this still in motion ?
  2. These days it's mostly Rap and New Age i listen mostly Kendrick Lamar
  3. Thanks I didn't even see this comment, I had plains of re-writing, I think i went too far going with something too complex without best practice so working to change the tutorial to start with something small like fetching API from Reddit to build a widget.
  4. it looks like "PN" I like the current logo though reminds me of the up-side down beats
  5. Hi I am going to be honest I have used both but not as extensive as you have, If you are going to use VueJS via SPA, then it won't matter whether you use Processwire as you would simply be concerned about your JSON Data, which any API/Service can equally play that role. As for your webpack-dev-server i don't think it matters as SPA is only concerned about the data, meaning Express, Golang,Spring can easily serve the JSON and it won't make any difference, as for SSR am gonna be honest am still not sure what SSR really is, Maybe i should read more detailed articles on it. all the best, I would simply advise to using VueJS as components for your pages. But it depends on your aim though
  6. I thought of a concept and it doesn't have to be as complex infact here's my proposition There should be a and also another changelog.json which contains each version and the text serving as the changes, however this might hard to implement as it means enforcing everyone to do this, another better alternative could be a with a specific format to follow, so that a Parser can be read to extract the needed information, it is vital a changelog is seen before uploading to inform user about what has changed and what to expect.
  7. is there any progress on having Changelogs for an update, so we can know if some updates are worth updating to.
  8. As long as he's not the owner of the source i don't think it's proper to create pages for the feeds that would change over-time, the only thing I can say is too fetch the XML Feeds and create a Cache for that maybe like 1 hour, to save speed.
  9. The major difference for me is the how detailed it is for me to write Twig Extensions, especially in OOP manner asides that they are quite similar.
  10. After picking up Symfony, I think i might migrate my PW from Smarty to Twig,
  11. Is it possible to use TracyDebugger to inspect what the count is and if indeed it is an integer and not string
  12. @kongondo Seriously this is an awesome job, I use the blog alot and this looks really clean and 'lit'. Can't wait for the new UiKit however would there be a guide to other devs so their Modules looks clean with the new UI
  13. if you to make things easier, you can create an API sitting infront of the DB so from PW you simply call that API and based on the Data needed the API will fetch it from the relevant Database. However this might mean all call-centers having their own API so each can easily communicate because I doubt it would be easy to connect to their DB remotely directly.
  14. Not really, what the addHookProperty does is to run that code and inject your data from the database into Page::courseData in TLDR it dynamically creates the courseData property in the Page class.
  15. Yep this works. Though once a cache is in place for that DB call there, I can say this seems like the solution and satisfies what OP needs.