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  1. Exactly you've hit the nail with the shortcoming of PHP, it's interpreted every time it needs to be parsed and fed to the Zend Engine meanwhile compiled languages would run much more faster and scale better than PHP, I read the benchmark of a Golang application and I was blown apart normally i'd stick to Spring but the memory consumption is excess, but I haven't come across elixir, might give it a shot
  2. If you are doing Web PHP is still awesome, however if it reaches the point where you are really taking shit load of request, that's when you will branch to faster languages like Golang, For me am still deciding which to commit to still deciding between .NET Core, Spring MVC or Golang Web frameworks but still be using PHP for simple sites.
  3. I have done something like this but this was in Spring Framework and not Processwire, you don't really need fields to do this ( This is my issue with using PW,it's easier for me to translate logic to classes than fields and pages). What i did was to create different Object in Java and created an interface to make things easier so you have your MultiChoice Class, True or False Class, Open End Question class , all i needed to do was return a JSON that had enough meta-data to inform the UI what to render on the frontend and based on the question type it would generate the control to display the question and save the answer to a QuizManager which stores the question id and the answer for each quiz.
  4. I have heard alot about Django from a mentor, from what I hear it's actually quite a robust solution, so to be honest am a fan of use what's right , I don't subscribe to using Processwire for every type of application most times, I might find myself using Symfony for certain projects because of the flexibility and proper architecture that requires me to handle things and remove certain bundles , but I mostly use Processwire to build sites I want clients to manage, the moment an application has so many custom and specific needs, I would use an application framework, now if I were in Python world, because I don't really like Python i'd use Django for Site management but would prefer to use something light and flexible. Also I think you should state views without insulting, calling people "Fanboy" is not the right approach all the best
  5. Had no choice than to settle for modifying the TemplateEngineTwig, feels so hackish. If anyone can guide me on how you can hook to the TemplateEngine::initTwig from a template i'd be appreciative, a feature in the future could be a user-defined folder where extensions can be placed and used easily.
  6. I think this is limiting if I can't extend modules from templates and only from modules.
  7. This is strange I can't find myself to hooking TemplateEngineTwig:init no matter what i do nothing happens and in Symfony this is not a problem for me, am I missing anything wire()->addHookAfter("TemplateEngineTwig::initTwig", function($event) { $twig = $event->arguments('twig'); $instanceOfFunction = new Twig_Function('instanceof', function ($object,$evaluatedClass) { return ($object instanceof $evaluatedClass); }); $twig->addFunction($instanceOfFunction); });
  8. *Runs to update and try new version out* the day just got better
  9. I can guarantee you you will find PW easier than Joomla, I used to code in Joomla
  10. lol was already on your website the moment i saw Unity, and I like the experiments you have, yes It takes time and money , I realized this while trying to take up 3D Modelling in Blender, I gave up due to other projects, but am opening to free up time for this, lovely personal website by the way.
  11. I have interest in 3D however it's WebGL am planning to start with using BabylonJS ,GameDev and Emulating are my hobbies and what interest me, I hope you share this journey on your blog, i'd be interested to read.
  12. Mostly playing games and looking for Immigration options.
  13. It's been a while since i have update this spot, so you know the usual story, Client builds app in WordPress, work is contracted to me, I feel angry and convert to Processwire and Client is pleased, but now I realized StreetView is a necessary requirement for the project which means, I need to create a StreetView Field for Processwire, if this is already in works please let me know if not, this means I might be creating one and writing an article around it, I won't mind articles to detailed information about creating Fields. Have a nice day
  14. You PHP Intellisense for PW isn't great or PHP Intellisense in General because I use it for Symfony and Yii2 and it's superb but a memory hogger. Netbeans still tops it all in terms of speed for me.
  15. Yeah I use it at work, created this with it It feels lighter to me than Ionic and faster, and yes it can be built with other frameworks. But TypeScript and NG2 isn't bad though