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  1. Hello, Does this theme works with Processwire 3.0.2 ? I encounter some problems Thanks all !
  2. Hello, Just a little contribution (in french) about how (hard) configure processwire template files to integrate Google Authorship notions in Processwire. http://blog.itanea.fr/posts/configurer-processwire-pour-utiliser-la-notion-d-authorship-de-google/ See you,
  3. Simple and pure design. Nice work !
  4. This works very well Ryan. But I have a question : why in the sitemap.xml there is only tag, categories ? What can I do to have too my posts? I use your blog profile PW (it's amazing, after weeks of search for the best blog engine I found yours !!), my blog is here http://blog.itanea.fr Thanks for your help.
  5. Thanks for your help. I have seen this post earlier and I post an help call in reply of google + widget, in my case it not appears as a widget in my sidebar. I'm trying again to understand, but I'm waiting too a little help.
  6. Hello cmscritic, You have said: But as a rookie in PW, I have some difficult with "add it to your sidebar". I have installed your template with your instructions, but when I go to my home admin page: I don't see it in my sidebar widget. Can you explain to me what is the good procedure to do this please ? Thanks for your help. Best Regards
  7. Hello, I'm new from PW. I had seen it a few months ago, I had watched Ryan's video and... few months had passed ! So recently, I searched hours and hours on the web a better solution for my blog than Wordpress. I had tried many CMS and suddenly I remembered : ProcessWire So, I installed it few days ago with the fabulous Blog Profile module (thanks Ryan). And now I want to add widget in my sidebar. I have searched on forum, in videos or tutorial, but I think I don't have made a good search. I try myself but it doesn't work So if someone would help me or send me some greats links, I think it will be top Thanks a lot everyone and to finish I'm proud to join your community ! Elkolonel.
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