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  1. Hello I am sorry a lot if i am asking something a million times answered, but I am getting a problem with the admin login part. I recorded a video while i try to install processwire where you can see where i fail... https://youtu.be/d5--cQ_9_fU I get to see the site, but not the admin part. Could someone help me? I use Linux Mint, and maybe i am giving bad privileges or something.. sorry for my bad english (It is weird because i got installed years ago when i did another website)
  2. Oh! more translated lines! Thanks a lot!
  3. I've images of the first processwire installation in "home" page... you know what images are... And i installed FILE MANAGER module... and i was able to see those images in the file manager... I just installed thumbnails module, create a field cropimage called "photos_experience"... and incorporate it (the field) to a template "travel_experience". And I uploaded an image in a page with that field.... and this template. 1) I can't see the pics with the tutorial line you give: echo $page->cropImages->eq(0)->getThumb('thumbnail'); using: echo "<img src=\""; echo $page->photos_experience->eq(0)->getThumb('thumbnail'); echo "\">"; 2) I can't see anything in FILE MANAGER module, even the first installation pictures of home... I tried uninstalling thumbnail module, and then I can see the pictures again in File Manager... Could you help me, please? I am hopeless at php yet.
  4. I see... I got the same... only a list of links... Thanks so much for the answer!! where do you usually run this kind of scripts? do you use a page and then VIEW it to run it?
  5. Excuse me, but i don't understand how to change the fields... I did a search: template=people, title*=heart I press the FIND button.. I got 60 pages results.. and now? How can i change a text field called "color" to "red" in only 1 step?
  6. Great! It sounds fantastic (I mean 'Hopefully this will change soon') because Waiting a year or two is not the dilemma but the module was cancelled or something. Thanks so much for this good news!!! I will try to use it with the helper class.. very very cautiously and slowly but safety
  7. Ah, ok... I was worried about duplications Thanks so much Then it is easier than i even thought. Thank You A Lot
  8. Kongondo Sorry if i disturb with this question, but i was really amazed with this module and i would like to know Are you yet working on it or was it RIP? thanks.
  9. I never used github... and now i can choose between 2 sources... I feel this is weiiiiiiird.... I think I only must to choose which ZIP file to download.. musn't I ? Anyway Thanks a lot for 2.4.0 version, boys Me encanta poder entender donde estoy haciendo click en mi sitio web. También, muchas gracias por separar los módulos del core básico. Mooooooooooooola De nuevo, millones de gracias.
  10. I just read it in my email..... I went fastly to vote... paging #1 page, #2 page, #3 page... #15 page....where the hell is processwire? Oh!!! PW just won!!!! Whaaaat? Exactly! Anyway, congratulationnnnnnnnnnnssssssssssssssssss everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope Bitnami doesn't ask you for some kind of "just-one-click module installing" or "updating".. or something like that..
  11. Oh!! It was updated!! GREAT jacmaes Thanks a looooooooooooooot. This is a excelent pre-christmast gift ¡¡GRACIASSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!
  12. ok thanks a lot for your ideas. And thanks too for speding your time with me Thanks a lot
  13. Hello everybody!! I've a doubt, only about the approach of making this part of my website. I hope someone could tell me if this is the correct way, or there is another easy one. (I mean, i don't need codes.. i only need some advice) In 70's to 90's in spain, there was a comic collection. This collection was very mistreated in its history, because when it was re-published in different editions (2nd, 3rd, 4th time) the storys included into their numbers was changing. its stories were changed, or cutted, or re-ordered... etc.. Nowdays i need to show all this changes in my site. My plan is to include all the pages storys into the collection number page. This collection number page will have children pages where i would include a Yes/No field for each story into. And I want to make a table which shows this YES/NO for each story and each re-published time. I would show you an example with only 6 stories, but my real propuse consists even more than 90 stories each: collection collection-number-1 ( will contain ALL the stories: story1, story2, story3, story4, story5, story6) edition-1st (only story1, story3 with YES and the anothers with NO) edition-2nd (only story1, story4, story5, story6 with YES and the anothers with NO) edition-3rd (only story2, story3, story5 with YES and the anothers with NO) In this way... i want to create a table into collection-number-1 (parent of all the anothers) coding something like "For each story... If story1 is Yes WHITE, if NO Black) and to got this: Is this the simplest way to do it? Thanks for your advice, and sorry a lot for my bad english. Hugs from Spain.
  14. adrian and titanium, thanks a lot for the info. I was looking for this kind of info in the forum, but the solutions i got were about Simply Gallery, and i thought they were talking about another way to show images. About cheatsheet dictionary.. i am yet really newbie to understand it (of course my english is really bad to understand everything this wiki says). I apologize for not having searched better. Sorry a lot and again thank you.
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