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  1. hi stevencis pm send!
  2. hi, i need help to build a website on pw, i need a search & booking request form, the logic is choose a pick up location (predefined locations from pages) then pick a drop of location again (predefined locations from pages) then choose how many passengers (1-4, 5-8, 9-12. etc) and then show the price which is based on the previous selections, example, pick up from point a, drop of on point b, 5 passengers, the price is 15 euro. And then the customer send the form thru email to administrator and the confirmation email is send to client automatic. Wait for suggestion of the cost, thank you!
  3. soma thank you a million times!!! your dev version did the multilanguage work!!!
  4. hi soma and thank you! where can download the dev branch? sory i found it here https://github.com/somatonic/Shop-for-ProcessWire/tree/dev the version you have forked can work multi language checkout? for me it work fine!
  5. thank you Soma!! you are right it wasnt active, i did activate it, allso i check all other pages if set active and is all checked now. but now i get this error.. (when i am not in default language) Error: Exception: Can't save page 0: /en/wire/shop/orders/e4d79c0119d47b8a63b841402f3cd699/: It has an empty 'name' field (in C:\wamp\www\processwire-shop2\wire\core\Pages.php line 604) i notice that admin/shop/orders/ childrens when i create order the non default languages aren't set active, and they stay unpublish, and the title in default language is blank but non default language is filled. i really appreciate your help guys!
  6. hi to all and thank you! for help.. apeisa you made a fantastic module!! i test it in localhost in a multi language site and is working great, only one issue when i am not on default language from step placing order to step pay order i get this error: Error: Exception: Can't save page 0: /e30bc646cfd69e1c90d6c19b945a3ab3/: It has no parent assigned (in C:\wamp\www\processwire-shop\wire\core\Pages.php line 604) #0 [internal function]: Pages->___save(Object(Page), Array) #1 C:\wamp\www\processwire-shop\wire\core\Wire.php(359): call_user_func_array(Array, Array) #2 C:\wamp\www\processwire-shop\wire\core\Wire.php(317): Wire->runHooks('save', Array) #3 C:\wamp\www\processwire-shop\wire\core\Page.php(1113): Wire->__call('save', Array) #4 C:\wamp\www\processwire-shop\wire\core\Page.php(1113): Pages->save(Object(Page), Array) #5 C:\wamp\www\processwire-shop\site\modules\ApeisaShop\ShoppingCheckout.module(571): Page->save() #6 C:\wamp\www\processwire-shop\site\modules\ApeisaShop\ShoppingCheckout.module(224): ShoppingCheckout->createOrder() #7 C:\wamp\www\processwire-shop\site\modules\ApeisaShop\ShoppingCheckout.module(152): ShoppingCheckout->renderConfirmation() #8 C:\wamp\www\processwire-shop\site\templates\sc-checkout.php(16): Shoppi and stays at placing order step this only happend on non default language, in default is working fine. any ideas?
  7. I am sory so hard to explain in english i will try with url's first page= http://localhost/allcr/en/cities/ when i click to city 1 i go to: second page= http://localhost/allcr/en/cities/city1/ when i click to town 1 i go to: third page= http://localhost/allcr/en/towns/town1/ when i click to vilage 1 i go to: fourth page= http://localhost/allcr/en/villages/village1/ when i click to type 1 i go to: fifht page= http://localhost/allcr/en/types/restaurants/ when i click to restaurants i want to see restaurants that belong to the vilage i click something like this will explain the conection: http://localhost/allcr/en/cities/city1/towns/town1/villages/village1/types/restaurants/restaurant1 i need this type of familly conection i am sory i am in localhost i need to build it first and then go online
  8. thank you guys i think i do good with your help, this is what i do HomeShopsGatos // HAS 4 PAGE FIELDS (example) city=City1, town=Town2, village=Village1 , type=Restaurants Ammos// HAS 4 PAGE FIELDS= city, town, village, type CitiesCity1 // DONT HAVE PAGE FIELDS City2 // DONT HAVE PAGE FIELDS City3 // DONT HAVE PAGE FIELDS TownsTown1 // HAS 1 PAGE FIELDS= city Town2 // HAS 1 PAGE FIELDS= city Town3 // HAS 1 PAGE FIELDS= city VillagesVillage1 // HAS 1 PAGE FIELDS= town Village2 // HAS 1 PAGE FIELDS= town Village3 // HAS 1 PAGE FIELDS= town TypesRestaurants // DONT HAVE PAGE FIELDS Cafe Bars // DONT HAVE PAGE FIELDS for every category i have a template:so page Cities have a template named cities now every children have a template named city the same i did for the rest of categories-childrens the code i use to conect the pages is this: THIS CODE IS FROM CITY PAGE (CHILD OF CITIES) AND WORKING FINE <?php $city = $page->title; // I USED THIS VAR TO DISPLAY DYNAMIC THE NAME OF THE CITY FIELD BELLOW* $vilages = $pages->find("template=town, city=$city"); // *HERE foreach($vilages as $child){?> <div class="col-md-4"> <div class="lbl"> <a href="<?php echo $child->url?>"><img src="<?php echo $child->imagecategory->url?>" alt="" class="fwimg"/><!--</a>--> <div class="smallblacklabel"><?php echo $child->title?></div></a> </div> </div> <?php } ?> THIS CODE IS FROM TOWN PAGE(CHILD OF TOWNS) AND WORKING FINE <?php $town = $page->title; // I USED THIS VAR TO DISPLAY DYNAMIC THE NAME OF THE TOWN FIELD BELLOW* $towns = $pages->find("template=village, town=$town"); // *HERE foreach($towns as $child){?> <div class="col-md-4"> <div class="lbl"> <a href="<?php echo $child->url?>"><img src="<?php echo $child->imagecategory->url?>" alt="" class="fwimg"/><!--</a>--> <div class="smallblacklabel"><?php echo $child->title?></div></a> </div> </div> <?php } and i use same code for other pages only change the template= and field= , this i explain for some others new to lovely processwire like me. Now i need help!! in template Type the way the website works is home page i see the cities then i click city and go to towns click town and go to villages click village and go types HERE IS MY QUESTION:: i dont know how to do this request: $pages->find("template=shop, city=$city, town=$town, village=$village, types=$type"); how to get dynamic field values? when i click the type page eg. Cafe Bars to view the Shops on this type (remember the shops belong to village that belong to town and then to city) how to code so when i am in type page that i click i see the shops that belong to village that belong to town and then to city that i clicked to come here. this is were i stack... Please help me.. thank you!! and i hope my explain is good
  9. Hi! i need some help to build a listing website the way should work is like this: the bold is the categories and link CITIES /// CATEGORY ------ (TEMPLATE = CITIES) ----------City /// SUBCATEGORY OF CITIES ------ (TEMPLATE = CITY) TOWNS //CATEGORY - ( SHOW ALL TOWNS ASSIGNED TO CITY SUBCATEGORY ABOVE ) (TEMPLATE = TOWNS) ------------Town ///SUB CATEGORY OF TOWNS - ( SHOW ALL TOWN ASSIGNED TO TOWNS CATEGORY ABOVE ) (TEMPLATE = TOWN) TYPES /// CATEGORY - (OF SHOP TYPES, LIKE (RESTAURANT, CAFE BAR, HOTEL) ) (TEMPLATE = TYPES) ----------Type /// SUBCATEGORY OF TYPES (TEMPLATE = TYPE) SHOPS /// CATEGORY -----------RESTAURANT DESTROS (LETS SAY THIS RESTAURANT BELONGS TO City = Chania, Towns = Kydonia, Town = Platanias, Type = Restaurant ) -----------CAFE BAR SUNLIGHT -----------CLUB DANCE TIME AND SO ON......... So when a visitor come to site and clik CITIES he see each City that assign to category CITIES, the same with Towns he see each Town, then when click the Town he see the each Type of Shops (Restaurants, Hotels, Bars etc..) and when he clik the type he is interesting lets say Hotels he then see the hotels that asigned to this City -> Towns -> Town-> Type. How can i conect them together? I follow this guide https://processwire.com/talk/topic/3579-tutorial-approaches-to-categorising-site-content/ so thats wy i come with this categories, i read a lot of simmilar posts in forum but there are to advance for me right now, so i am lost. Thank you in advance!
  10. thank you Apeisa & Rjay.. works fine!! <body <?php if( $user->language->name == 'hebrew' ){ echo "style='direction:rtl;'"; }?>>
  11. hi Rjay, i am trying to echo style="direction:RTL" inside body tag if the user language is hebrew <body <?php foreach($languages as $language) { if($language->title == "hebrew"){ echo 'style="direction:RTL"';}?>> something like this? i cant make it work.
  12. hi! i have a question, i have multi language site and i need some way to change the direction when user language is hebrew from right to left - left to right, i try this foreach($languages as $language) { if($language->title == "hebrew"){ echo 'style="direction:RTL"'; } i read a lot of post but i dind find some solution. thank you!
  13. nice website Pete!! clean and eayse to eye.. can you tell how you use image for languages links? thank you.
  14. hi! i have a question about using Different logo on different language, for example when a user views site in english show the logo-en.png, if user view site on italian show logo-it.png. thank you!
  15. hi retinafunk your site is a masterpiece... fantastic effects!! and atmosphere it make me wana be to that festival!!! please when you find time do the tutorial!!!!!!!!!!
  16. thank you friends! this works fine <script> $.vegas('slideshow', { backgrounds:[ { src:'<?php echo $page->bgimage->url;?>', fade:2000} ] }); </script>
  17. hi! i have a field called bgimage and set it to hold 1 image, & assigned to all of my site templates, with diferent images for each page, i want to use Vegas slideshow as background in my pages using a bgimage, as src $.vegas('slideshow', { backgrounds:[ { src:'images/background-1.jpg', fade:2000}, { src:'images/background-2.jpg', fade:2000} ] })('overlay', { src:'assets/img/overlay.png' }); how can i make bgimage field output in the code above thank you.
  18. hallo Joss very big help your tutorials!! and hallo forum!! i try to make a real estate site folow your guide is allmost what i need to do, but i need to add one more category for cities that property belong. can you please guide me how to add one more category, i dont know what to do. thank you
  19. RJay thank you for help!! i try your code and post my results.. thanks again!!
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