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Russian (ru-RU)


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Here's my very first and not polished version of ru-RU translation. So, now you can enjoy all this cyrillic madness :) Ryan, I have a question. Is it possible to store cyrillic symbols without this transformstion to Unicode (?), so the json files are editable in any editor? It's not too much needed though.


I've just created a GitHub repo ProcessWire Russian Language Pack ru-RU where you can find the latest Russian language pack for PW's backend.

Also attached a new version of the pack, but in future I won't be updating it here, so please download it from GitHub.


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I updated my previous post but the topic didn't show up in new content, so just wanted to up my post by this. If anybody knows a better way to update the first post, please let me know and sorry for double-posting.

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Thanks for the update Slkwrm! No problem with double posting. If it's something that you want to show up in new content, then double posting is the way to go because otherwise people might miss it (I don't know of a better solution).

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Slightly updated translation attached below. This is incompleted version, I'm going to make some more in a couple of days.

В прикремленном файле - слегка обновленная версия. Еще не закончена, я планирую сделать более полный перевод в ближайшее время.

PW 2.7


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