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Norwegian (nb-NO)


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Here's my Norwegian language pack for ProcessWire. I've been adding translations gradually since 2015. By November 2020 the translations are completed, and up to date with the latest dev version of ProcessWire.

For details, go to the ProcessWire Modules page …

… and/or GitHub – please "star" the repo

Completed / up to date.

Third party and PRO module translations have moved to another repository (see the complete list at GitHub😞

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A major update to the translations today, in terms of adding my "site" related translations (for pro and free modules). Minor changes to the existing "wire" translations.

I have also installed 3.0.13 devns, so that is the official supported version of this language pack.

Changes made to the first post to reflect the current status.

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A rather large update today for this language pack. Including a lot of new modules, some new Pro modules. And core translations for the 3.0.133 dev version. As usual, the translations is not complete. And some typos might exist.

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