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Module: ProcessPreview

Nico Knoll

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I keep coming back to this module hoping. I think it's a very valuable add-on for any site in which the admin is not the same person as the developer and I get requests for a preview all the time. I downloaded the latest version (module pages says last update was March 29 2014) but I am a bit confused on a couple of things. The install instructions are:

This module's files should be placed in /site/modules/AutoUpgrade/. To use it you have to copy "preview.php" to your root folder. (If the module has write permission it should do it automatically).

First you should update the text to change AutoUpgrade to ProcessPreview.

Where does the preview.php page come from? Do I have to create that? The module has write permission but nothing was created automatically. What do I need to put in the preview.php page that I create? Or is it just a container.

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I'm finally continuing this module - thanks to Ole who's sponsoring it. 

Please post all open bugs here or directly at GitHub so I get an overview on what to do (you don't need to repost them if they are already posted here of course).

Thanks, nico

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Hey Nico.

I have this installed now and testing. I'm using pw 2.4.0 and first attempt worked as expected. So far no major problems at all.

Nice work. This may become standard in each of my sites as it is often requested.

I'll report back if I find a bug.

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Jeez, so some reason I didn't see your notification. 

I just upgraded to PW 2.4.9 and preview 2.5.0 and still get the ignore issue.

CKEditor 1.1.8

Seems to be just on the  $page->body field, so maybe its a CKeditor issue?


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I'm experiencing the same issue @Soma was in relation to having to press Preview twice to see the changes. I've noticed this only doesn't work on a live server... on my localhost it works without any issues at all.

Hope this helps.

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I have a suggestion, may or may not affect the issue above, but was causing the preview to render the page twice:

in function init(), execute calls page->render(), then it is rendered again in the function changeView() with the preview data.

I found changing:

$this->addHook('ProcessPageView::execute', $this, 'changeView');


$this->addHookBefore('ProcessPageView::ready', $this, 'changeView');

and removing:

// return the preview merged page
$event->return = $page->setOutputFormatting(true)->render();

Works for me to view unpublished pages, etc as I have enough access to view (i.e. I can already edit it in the admin).

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