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Page Render Find/Replace


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This module applies replacement patterns defined via TextformatterFindReplace globally to page rendering. All the heavy lifting is done by TextformatterFindReplace (thanks, Ryan!) so this module is just a wrapper around said module plus a bunch of config settings — a few options for selecting matching pages, an option to log replacements as they happen, etc.

Long story short, on recent projects I've been running into issues with temporary (development) domain creeping into URLs here and there. While not a major issue, this is annoying and takes some time to correct. Originally I was thinking of building a module that would handle text replacements and log them so that they can be manually fixed later, but TextformatterFindReplace already handles the replacement part quite nicely, so I figured I'd just make use of it, apply replacements to rendered page content instead of individual fields (works better for my use cases, where content is often rather dynamic), and add some logging.

Hope someone will find this useful. Please note, though, that this module is not well tested yet so there may be bugs etc. ?

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